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‘The Flash’ Hot Toys Figure Sees Young Barry Allen Run Through Time

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The superhero movie is now available on Blu-ray and digital.

The Big Picture

  • Though The Flash movie in 2023 was a disappointment, the action figure releases have been impressive, including the Young Barry Allen Hot Toys figure.
  • The figure is a mashup of two different DC timelines, featuring a 2013 version of Barry wearing a Flash costume made from Batman Returns‘ Batsuit.
  • The film’s portrayal of two Barrys on-screen together was well done, with the older Barry being more mature and the college-aged Barry portrayed as immature. Pre-order the figure on Sideshow’s website.

To say 2023 was a disappointing year for DC would be an understatement. At the center of that was The Flash which became one of the most notable box office bombs this past summer. It has quickly become one of the most divisive comic book films as well thanks to its visual quirks, unique sense of humor, and multiverse chaos. However, regardless of what you think of the superhero epic, The Flash has received a ton of great action figure and premium figure releases over the last few months. Now Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled their Young Barry Allen Hot Toys figure that mashes up two different DC timelines.

The ⅙ scale 2013 version of Barry is seen in his Flash costume that he made from Michael Keaton’s Batsuit from Batman Returns. This is the suit that Barry’s younger half wore in the final battle against Zod. The figure comes with two interchangeable cowled heads with one being battle damaged, three interchangeable lower faceplates, and a themed base with built-in LED lights. The deluxe version of the figure also comes with an exclusive unmasked Barry head sculpt with his longer hairstyle as well as battle damaged hands and armor fragments. The Ezra Miller head sculpt in particular is very impressive with this overall being such a unique figure for Hot Toy given its spray-painted nature combined with The Flash and Batman’s aesthetic.

One of the biggest swings The Flash took, besides the multiverse shenanigans and bringing back Keaton’s beloved Dark Knight, was having two Barrys on-screen together for a majority of the film. When Barry goes back to 2013, the film turns into a hilarious buddy comedy that had The Scarlet Speedster trying to teach his younger self how to be a hero. Regardless of whether you thought the comedy worked or not, how they pulled off two Barrys on screen together was well done and nearly seamless. While older Barry was much more world-weary and mature, college age Barry was expectedly very immature.

You Can Recreate the Movie’s Pivotal Moments With the New Action Figure

The Flash Movie

Also, with the previously released Flash, Batman, and Supergirl figures, you can now recreate the film’s grand finale. While the action throughout the film had a layer of uncanny valley to it, the scale and ambition was right out of a comic book. Especially the final battle which evoked the giant splash pages featured in some of DC’s most iconic books.

The Flash is currently streaming on Max. It’s also available on 4K, Blu-ray, and all major VOD platforms. You can preview Young Barry’s Hot Toy down below and pre-order the figure on Sideshow’s website.

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