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‘The Conference’ Trailer Shows a Company Retreat Go Horrifyingly Wrong

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The film hits Netflix on an appropriately ominous day.

The Big Picture

  • The Swedish workplace horror comedy, The Conference, adds to the recent success of horror comedies with a nice balance of terror and laughs.
  • The trailer previews the horror-filled chaos and team-building work conference that turns unstable, with a glimpse of the killer’s design.
  • The film takes a thematic approach similar to You’re Next, applying it to big business.

While horror comedies have existed since the genre’s conception, it feels like in the last decade the sun-genre has been given an extra blood-soaked boost. Films like Happy Death Day, Freaky, and You’re Next have struck a great balance between terror and genuine laughs in the past. Now, Netflix looks to add to the sub-genre’s recent success with the Swedish workplace horror comedy The Conference. The film releases on Friday the 13th this October and, to prepare you for the frights ahead, the streamer has released the first trailer for the film.

While the trailer doesn’t give us much plot to chew on, it does a nice job previewing the horror-filled chaos that’s in store for genre fans. We get a slice of some of the kills that lie ahead with someone being dragged away in a body bag and an Ill-fated worker being clothes lined by a razor wire. However, that’s only half the story with this slasher as the carnage is cut together with a team-building work conference which is anything but stable. The Wi-Fi is down, the workers are bickering, and the conference’s staff seems to be hilariously incompetent. Oh yeah, and there’s a killer on the loose who we get a short glimpse of at the end of the trailer. In the short time we see them, their design is very reminiscent of the “Babyface Killer” from Happy Death Day.

The Work Place is its Own Kind of Horror

Most people can’t relate to being stalked by a masked killer, but almost everyone can relate to working at a job they want no part in. Especially when you’re forced to go to a conference and take part in team-building exercises. We’ve all heard that we’re “family” at least once in our life. Even though they’re two different plots, the trailer gives off a bloody vibe that’s very reminiscent of You’re Next. In that horror comedy, a rich elite family is hunted down by a masked killer and has heavy themes involving the corrupt upper class. The Conference appears to be taking a similar thematic approach only here applying it to big business. Also, even though Netflix doesn’t have the best track record with horror, the creative editing of the trailer should give genre fans hope that this isn’t going to be your average throw away slasher.

Image via Netflix

Friday the 13th is Almost Here

The Conference comes from director Patrik Eklund with a screenplay by Thomas Moldestad and stars Eva Melander, Katia Winter, and Adam Lundren. While you wait for this new mystery workplace killer to arrive on October 13, you can view The Conference’s trailer down below.

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