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‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ Revs Up New Trick or Treat Studios’ Collection

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The Big Picture

  • Trick or Treat Studios has released a new collection for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, featuring screen accurate masks and costumes from the franchise.
  • The collection includes different styles of Leatherface masks for several films in the franchise, as well as costumes and iconic props.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise continues to be popular, and Trick or Treat Studios’ collection is a great way to celebrate its legacy. The original film is currently streaming on Peacock.

It’s almost September which means it’s time to watch every horror movie under the blood-red sun in preparation for Halloween. This includes The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The franchise has been receiving a lot of love lately with its new video game released earlier this month and a killer board game on the way, but now Trick or Treat Studios has unveiled their latest collection for Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

The collection, which includes new and improved products from the studios’ past, focuses mainly on six films from the franchise. The original 1974 slasher, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, the 2003 remake simply titled The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Texas Chainsaw 3D. Trick or Treat is best known for their incredible screen accurate masks and this collection is full of them.

For the first film, there are three different styles for Leatherface including their “Killing,” “Pretty Woman,” and “Grandma” masks along with everyone’s favorite scary relative “Grandpa.” Then for Part 2 there’s even more grotesque looking masks for Leatherface and Grandpa along with fan-favorite lunatic Choptop. Finally, there are Leatherface masks for Texas Chainsaw Massacre III, the remake, and Texas Chainsaw 3D. However, masks aren’t the only haunting items in this collection. There are also Leatherface costumes for the original film and the remake along with a handful of iconic props. This includes Leatherface’s yellow chainsaw, meat hook, and sledgehammer from the original film. There’s even a few creepy 1:6 scale figures for Leatherface that’ll complete the unsettling atmosphere.

The Legacy of Leatherface

When Texas Chain Saw released in 1974, the horror commentary was taken by storm thanks to the film’s real world vibes and fun house like atmospheric torture. Everything presented in the original felt like it could cut you if you reached out and touched it. To this day, it’s still one of the scariest films of all time thanks to Tobe Hooper‘s mind-bending direction and other worldly sound design. You can’t help but be on edge when you’re watching the film. That’s even before Leatherface is introduced. Elements like the Hitchhiker, the sun-drenched Texas backdrop, and the raw nature of the film’s imagery never cease to stab fear into your soul. Whether it’s the horror comedy offerings of Part 2 or the mature darkness of the remake, the series has something for every kind of horror fan to enjoy.

The Texas Chainsaw franchise is as popular as ever thanks to things like the 2022 legacy sequel and the original film coming to 4K this year for the very first time. That’s why it’s so wonderful to see great companies like Trick or Treat Studios celebrate the franchise in this way. They’ve done such great work for franchises like Child’s Play and Halloween in the past, but Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection just might be their scariest achievement to date. In 2024, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre will be celebrating its 50th anniversary and there’s no better way to celebrate than rewatching or watching this classic nightmare that started it all for the first time.

Where Can You Stream ‘The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’?

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is currently streaming on Peacock. The film’s original trailer can be seen down below. You can also view Trick or Treat Studios’ entire Texas Chainsaw collection on their website.

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