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‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’ Figures Unleashed By Trick or Treat Studios

by smbpapon22P

The Big Picture

  • Trick or Treat Studios is releasing new figures based on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise to honor its 50th anniversary next year.
  • The collection includes iconic characters like Leatherface, “The Cook,” “The Hitchhiker,” Grandpa, and Sally Hardesty, along with a dining room table playset.
  • The original 1974 film remains a horror classic, and the love for Texas Chainsaw is stronger than ever with various celebrations and releases of merchandise and editions in recent years.

October marks the 49th anniversary of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. The Tobe Hooper grindhouse slasher that introduced Leatherface to the horror world remains one of the scariest films ever made. Now in honor of that haunting legacy and ahead of the franchise’s 50th anniversary next year, Trick or Treat Studios are releasing new figures based on Texas Chainsaw.

Revealed at Toy Fair 2023, the five-inch figures include Leatherface in both his iconic looks from the film and his fellow Sawyer family members. “The Cook” and “The Hitchhiker” are here of course, but you can’t complete the family without Grandpa. This new collection features a dining room table playset that has the titular evil old timer along with Sally Hardesty. The latter of which is the series’ iconic final girl. With these figures and playset you can now recreate one of the genre’s most horrific scenes in its history. The Sawyer house, thanks to Hooper’s direction and Daniel Pearl’s razor sharp cinematography, haunts most horror fans nightmares. Trick or Treat Studios captures that fear-induced terror and then some.

‘Texas Chainsaw’ 50 Years Later

Even five decades later, Leatherface has remained a slasher icon. In that time the horror villain has starred in eight sequels/remakes/reboots, the most recent of which was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for Netflix in 2022. If that wasn’t enough chainsaw goodness, this past summer Leatherface returned to the video game space with the release of an asymmetrical multiplayer Texas Chain Saw Massacre game from the same team that made the ultra popular Friday the 13th: The Game. That game received mostly positive reviews with many fans just happy to finally be able to play as Leatherface in some of the most iconic locations from the franchise, including the grotesque Sawyer House.


However, even with that, nothing has come close to matching the original terror of the 1974 classic. The film has been celebrated in so many exciting ways within the last year. This has included new clothing collections, a chilling board game, and the film has received multiple 4K editions that have made horror fans do Leatherface’s iconic chainsaw dance in pure joy. The love for Texas Chainsaw is stronger than ever. As we wait for the next inevitable sequel, Trick or Treat studios will be keeping us busy with these blood-soaked figures as well as their own previously announced costume collection.

Trick or Treat Studios haven’t set a release date for these new Texas Chain Saw Massacre figures, but given this is a 50th anniversary release, it’s safe to assume horror fans will see them in 2024. Until then, you can preview the figures down below and on their website. The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is currently streaming on Shudder.

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