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Terrifying moment woman plummets 141ft on ‘bungee jump’ WITHOUT a rope as vid reveals world’s scariest new thrill ride


THIS is the spine-chilling moment a woman plunges 141ft while taking part in a new type of bungee jumping that doesn’t use a rope.

A heart-racing video shows the moment the adrenaline junkie is dropped from a tower, screaming as she hurtles towards the ground.

A video of a woman taking on the world's scariest ride has gone viral on TikTok


A video of a woman taking on the world’s scariest ride has gone viral on TikTokCredit: Jam Press Vid
In the clip she is suspended in the air by a rope before it then releases


In the clip she is suspended in the air by a rope before it then releasesCredit: Jam Press Vid
The woman plummets hundreds of feet towards the ground


The woman plummets hundreds of feet towards the groundCredit: Jam Press Vid

The clip reveals the world’s most scary new thrill ride dubbed – Vertigo.

In the footage the woman can be seen tentatively getting into the harness as she prepares to take on the death-defying challenge.

She’s slowly manoeuvred of a platform so that her legs dangle freely and she hangs hundreds of feet in the air.

The ride operator makes polite conversation with her, deliberately lulling her into a false sense of security asking: “So what are you guys doing after this?”

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Just as the woman begins to answer she yanks a lever which releases the rope she was attached to.

She immediately drops and plummets away from the camera, letting out a blood-curdling shriek.

After free-falling for a good few seconds her landing is cushioned by a ginormous green net and she can breathe a sigh of relief as she lives to fight another day.

The stomach-churning ride, is located in New Zealand at Velocity Valley Adrenaline Park.

The park claims the ride, which only opened on March 19 this year, will be “the longest four seconds of your life.”

It has sparked horror on social media and a TikTok clip of someone taking on the plunge racked up a whopping 20.2million views.

The post is captioned: “We call this… ‘the distraction drop.”

Oh wow I’m a roller coaster reviewer & found the most bonkers ride… it’s NOT at Alton Towers & perfect if you live in the north

Many viewers took to the comments section to express their shock and concern at the lack of rope.

One person wrote: “No WAY this is safe,” while another added: “My heart dropped when she was disconnected.”

“That’s a hard pass from me,” agreed a third.

A fourth chimed: “My smile fell when I realised there was no overhead line and that she was gonna go straight down.”

Another said her palms had become sweaty just from watching the heart-pounding footage.

Not everyone can go on the ride and their are restrictions in place.

Riders must be at least 10 years old and weigh between 45-110kg to experience the spine-chilling drop.

It comes as an incredible video shows a thrilling ride on the world’s “steepest and fastest” hybrid rollercoaster, the Iron Gwazi.

The fascinating monster coaster, located at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in Florida opened on March 11.

The Iron Gwazi which stands at 206ft, has a 91-degree drop and reaches speeds of 76mph is the park’s tenth rollercoaster.

The ride is 141ft high


The ride is 141ft highCredit: Jam Press Vid
Her fall is broken by a large green net


Her fall is broken by a large green netCredit: Jam Press Vid

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