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Terrifying moment passenger plane SKIDS off soaking runway and heads straight towards terminal in landing from hell


THIS is the horror moment a plane with 179 passengers veered off the soaking runway and headed straight towards the terminal.

The Airbus A320, owned by Lithuanian airline Avion Express, made the daring touch-down at Vilnius airport after returning from Italy on Saturday.

Momement the passenger plane skidded off the runway


Momement the passenger plane skidded off the runwayCredit: Twitter
The aircraft drifted through an explosion of mud and water


The aircraft drifted through an explosion of mud and waterCredit: Twitter
The pilot of the aircraft was able to taxi it back to the runway and head towards a safe zone


The pilot of the aircraft was able to taxi it back to the runway and head towards a safe zoneCredit: Twitter

Dramatic footage shows the passenger aircraft briefly skidding off the icy tarmac and going onto grass and mud.

The hero pilot of the plane quickly handled the situation – and was able to taxi the aircraft to a safe zone for passengers and crew members to get off.

Pictures from the aftermath of the horror event show the body of the plane painted brown as it drifted through an explosion of mud and water.

All the 179 passengers of the plane as well as the six crew members were able to safely get off after the aircraft was steadied.

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The aircraft’s body, however, was damaged because of the unstable landing.

The chilling incident forced the airport to stop all incoming and outgoing flights for more than two hours as they were diverted to Kaunas and Palanga airports instead

Cones were put out and emergency vehicles were spotted around the runway after the plane had made its landing.

Even the airport was briefly shut down, aviation news outlet FL360aero reported.

A spokesperson for the airline told MailOnline: ” Flight NVD8242 slid off the landing runway after touchdown.

“All the 179 passengers and our 6 crew members are safe and have not suffered any injuries during the incident. 

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“During the incident, the passengers were calm and followed the instructions of our crew members. We extend our heartfelt apologies and sincere support to everyone who was on board.”

The spokesperson added that an internal investigation “was underway” to work out the exact cause behind the potentially disastrous incident.

It comes after an easyJet flight from Gatwick Airport skidded onto the verge of a runway after it touched down in Iceland.

The plane veered off the taxiway but passengers were able to disembark.

An airline spokesperson told The Sun: “We can confirm that EZY8843 from London Gatwick to Keflavik went off the taxiway when taxiing to its stand at low speed. All passengers disembarked normally.

“We are doing all possible to minimise the delay for passengers due to return to the UK and a replacement aircraft has already been arranged to operate this flight back to London Gatwick.

“We would like to apologise to customers for any inconvenience caused.”

EasyJet was forced to take its jet out of service as an investigation began.

Meanwhile, two passenger planes collided at an airport in Japan just weeks after five were left dead in another fatal crash.

The Korean Air and Cathay Pacific planes came into contact at New Chitose Airport in Hokkaido at 5.30pm local time.

Footage showed a huge hole ripped out from under the wing of the Cathay Pacific plane where the Korean Air flight crashed into it and crumpled the end of its own wing.

The Korean Air plane was preparing to take off when its left wing collided with the right tail wing of the Cathay Pacific plane parked next to it, according to the airport officials.

An official stated that the incident occurred when a towing car, which was moving the Korean Air plane backwards ahead of departure, slipped because of snow on the ground.

All 289 passengers on board the Korean Air flight were disembarked safely without any reported injuries.

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