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Terrifying moment passenger jet is dazzled by HUNDREDS of powerful laser pointers by idiotic festivalgoers – The Sun


THIS is the terrifying moment hundreds of festivalgoers dazzle a jet flying overhead with laser pens.

Shocking video footage from a fireworks event in Tultepec, Mexico, shows a huge crowd targeting the aircraft as it flies above.

The terrifying moment hundreds of festivalogoers descended their lasers upon their plane


The terrifying moment hundreds of festivalogoers descended their lasers upon their planeCredit: CEN
The aircraft had been  flying over hundreds of people s in Mexico


The aircraft had been flying over hundreds of people s in MexicoCredit: CEN
The aircraft was lit up in green from all the lasers


The aircraft was lit up in green from all the lasersCredit: CEN

Within moments countless powerful dazzling laser lights beam into the sky and light up the entire plane in an eerie green glow.

The footage, which was captured last weekend on March 16 and 17, astonished social media users who slammed the festival-goers for their stupidity.

One person said: “I can’t believe the tremendous lack of grey matter of these people. It’s incredible how stupid they are.”

Another added: “It’s not funny and it’s illegal.”

A third blamed it on people who had travelled to the area and not the local people.

“The people of Tultepec do not do this,” they said. “Planes pass over the area every day and this does not happen.

“Many people go to the fair from other places and cause disturbances.”

It is currently unclear if the police are investigating the video or if the airline targeted has complained to air safety officials.

The annual International Pyrotechnics Festival is a celebration of the area’s role as the centre of Mexico’s home-grown fireworks industry.

Up to 100,000 festival goers watch and take part in spectacular processions using huge displays of fireworks.

Astonishing video shows Chile protesters using pocket lasers at the same time to cause police drone to crash

The use of laser pointers against aircraft is banned in most countries in the world and can lead to jail sentences and hefty fines.

In 2016, a British Airways flight to London Heathrow was targeted by a laser beam as it made its final descent.

BA flight 759 from Bergen, Norway, fell victim to the laser attack as it prepared to land at the London airport.

It isn’t just planes, however, that suffer from laser attacks, with athletes often falling victim as sporting events.

At the 2022 World Cup, security was ramped up to check for laser pens ahead of England’s Last 16 clash with Senegal.

Both sets of fans had previously used lasers to try and distract opposition players while penalties were being taken.

Months earlier, Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah and his Egyptian teammates were targeted by lasers during a crucial World Cup qualifier against the same opposition.

Every time the cameras cut to a close up shot of one of the Egypt players there were green lights being flashed over their faces.

The dangers of laser pointers

Despite their small size, laser pointers boast an incredibly bright light that raises significant safety concerns.

Due to their easy accessibility, laser pointers can be bought by anyone and are often shone at people to distract or annoy people for fun.

On a human level, they can be blinding and seriously damaging to someone’s vision if aimed at their eyes.

In the wrong hands, however, they can even put lives at risk.

That’s because of their impressive long range, meaning you don’t have to be stood near someone or something to use it.

If pointed at someone driving a vehicle, it can easily distract them and blur their vision, meaning they are putting themselves and others at risk.

When pointed at an aircraft at night, such as the festival in Mexico, the lasers can dazzle and distract pilots at critical times.

Increasingly strict laws have been passed to ban this.

Another distressing and potentially dangerous misuse of laser pointers is to use them when the dot may be mistaken for that of a laser gun sight.

It’s often seen armed police draw their weapons in such circumstances.

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