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Taylor Swift’s ‘Eras Tour’ Movie Ticket Presales Pass Major Milestone

by smbpapon22P

Salt air, and box office records. She never needed anything more.

The Big Picture

  • Taylor Swift’s concert movie, The Eras Tour, has already earned over $100 million in ticket pre-sales, making it one of the biggest hits of the year.
  • The film takes viewers on a journey through ten different eras of Swift’s career, showcasing her hits from her debut album up to last year’s “Midnights”.
  • The popularity of Taylor Swift is so immense that other movies, like The Exorcist: Believer, had to adjust their release dates to avoid competition with The Eras Tour.

After a cruel summer of touring across places such as Mexico City, Los Angeles and Kansas City, Taylor Swift is getting ready for the debut of The Eras Tour, the concert movie that will allow audiences to experience the magic of her show on the big screen. According to Variety, the event has already earned over $100 million in ticket pre-sales, positioning it as one of the biggest hits of the year before a single screening has taken place. There’s no denying the impact Swift and her music currently have in pop culture, taking anticipation for her concert film to new heights.

Across two hours and forty minutes of footage, Swift will take viewers across ten different eras from her career, including hits that could go from her self-titled debut album, up to last year’s “Midnights”. Even if the pricing for the movie’s tickets was different because it has been marketed as a special event, the singer’s strong fan base are committed to enjoy every second of the performances that have been recorded for the occasion. An outstanding musical career is about to be celebrated on the big screen in different formats, including select IMAX theaters around the globe.

The popularity of the artist has such a striking impact on pop culture at this moment that, when it was announced that Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour would be coming to theaters, The Exorcist: Believer had to move its released to the weekend of October 6 to avoid competition with the recorded concert. While $100 million in pre-sale tickets is nothing short of impressive, it remains to be seen how that amount can grow during the actual opening weekend of the movie.

Is This Year’s Box Office Ready For It?

Image via Taylor Swift

The amount of attention Taylor Swift has received over the course of the past year could easily position The Eras Tour as one of the highest grossing projects of 2023. Currently, Barbie holds a clear advantage over every other movie that has appeared on the big screen this year, with $1.4 billion earned from movie theaters all around the world. The Super Mario Bros. follows it in second place. Time will tell how the concert film can perform with a limited release window and a slightly elevated price ticket, as the schedule heads into the final months of the year.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour premieres in theaters on October 13.

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