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Tank Calls Out Benn: Hearn Caught In The Middle Of Potential Showdown?


Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis posted a DM with Matchoom Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, telling him he wants to fight welterweight contender Conor Benn next.

Tank has been posting back and forth with Benn all day, and the two fighters have agreed to fight next.

The DM Exchange

Eddie Hearn’s message on social media: “You interested in fighting Conor?”

Gervonta Davis: “What are we doing, Eddie?”

It’s obvious that he views the British fighter as food, and he can’t destroy him, watching his dreadful performance last Saturday night against Peter Dobson on DAZN.

Hearn is subdued in his message to Tank Davis, perhaps knowing he would post it on social media. Also, Hearn is still hoping to match Benn (23-0, 14 KOs) against Chris Eubank Jr. because that’s an easy cash grab that will make his fighter tons of dough.

Benn’s Risky Decision 

If Benn gets wiped out by Tank Davis (29-0, 27 KOs), he can forget about raking in the cash for domestic-level scrap against Eubank Jr.

While U.S. boxing fans may view Eubank Jr. as an underachieving, no-talented fighter living off his famous father’s name, the British can’t get enough of him and don’t care that he’s never beaten anyone noteworthy during his 13-year professional career; they still want to watch him.

Hearn hasn’t given up on the Benn-Eubank Jr. fight, so he’s still torn between wanting to make that match-up and moving on to other opportunities for Conor.

Unfortunately, Hearn can’t afford to invest any additional time in trying to make the fight between Benn and Eubank Jr. because if he does, he’ll lose out on the Tank Davis match-up, which is easily the best he can hope to get.

He won’t get someone like Terence Crawford or Errol Spence Jr. to bother wasting their time on a novice like Benn.

Where to Stage Tank vs. Benn?

Benn can’t fight in the UK right now due to license issues, and unless that changes, it doesn’t make sense for a clash between him and Tank Davis to take place.

A fight between Tank and Benn won’t be a big ticket seller if it takes place in the U.S. because Conor is not someone American fans are interested in seeing.

If you saw the space audience for Benn’s fight against Dobson last Saturday night at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, it was clear that Conor is not a big name.


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