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Sweden Concludes Investigation of Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions


Sweden Concludes Investigation of Nord Stream Pipeline Explosions

In the coming days, the Stockholm prosecutor’s office plans to announce the termination of the investigation into the explosions on the Nord Stream pipelines that occurred in September 2022.

This was reported by the German Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ), NDR, WDR, and Zeit.

The announcement is expected to be made by prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist.

SZ notes that on Monday, he told the newspaper Expressen about an upcoming “new development” in the investigation, but it is unclear what this entails.

German media write that the decision to stop the investigation may be related to Sweden’s failure to find specific suspects within the kingdom.

However, for the investigation being conducted by Germany, this could be useful, as Stockholm will hand over the collected materials to Berlin. German authorities have confirmed that they continue the investigation.

According to SZ, the German police and prosecutor’s office need parts of the destroyed pipes that the Swedish side removed from the scene.

Traces of explosives from the pipes will be compared with those found on the yacht “Andromeda”. According to one version, it was used in the crime scheme.

The fact that this yacht was used to transport explosives to the site of the explosion – near the Danish island of Bornholm – was reported by Zeit, ARD, and several other Western media.

According to their information, the yacht was rented by a group of six Ukrainians. Poland, which is also investigating the incident, called them tourists.

President Vladimir Putin said that the “Anglo-Saxons” were involved in the Nord Stream sabotage. In March 2023, he called the version that a group of Ukrainians did it “nonsense”, as such an attack would require “specialists, moreover supported by the full power of a state that possesses certain technologies”.

In December last year, the Russian president stated that the United States could be involved in the attack. The possibility that Russia could have organized the sabotage was excluded by him. The Russian Ministry of Defense claimed Britain’s involvement in the attack, but London rejected these accusations.

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