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Suspects Apprehended After Theft of $33,000 ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Card


Police in Tokyo have arrested two men suspected of stealing a Yu-Gi-Oh! playing card worth ¥4.98 million (about $32,888), The Japan Times reported.

The two suspects, Sora Takashino and Kanta Sanmi, both 22, allegedly stole a coveted “Blue Eyes White Dragon” card from a store in the city’s Chiyoda Ward. The incident reportedly occurred around 4:50 p.m. on March 13, after Takashino entered a collectibles shop and convinced an employee to retrieve the card from a display case. After the clerk became distracted, it’s alleged that Takashino took the item and made a quick escape to a vehicle waiting about 400 feet down the road, allegedly driven by Sanmi.

The employee immediately realized the ruse and alerted the police. About three hours later, as authorities continued their search, Takashino and Sanmi allegedly pawned the valuable playing card about six miles away in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district. They reportedly received ¥1 million (about $6,606) for the item, but a customer in the store who deemed the duo suspicious alerted law enforcement.

Officers tracked Takashino and Sanmi down using the latter’s license plate number and arrested them on March 22.

Investigators claim that Sanmi confessed to driving Takashino, but he said he had no idea that his friend would commit the crime. The two men are apparently casual friends and have worked together with the same construction company since last year. Law enforcement officials reported that Takashino confessed to the theft, as he allegedly sought money for rent and food expenses.

In North America, the Blue Eyes White Dragon card retails on eBay and similar sites for between $4 and $700. It’s unclear what penalties Takashino and Sanmi will face for their alleged roles in the theft.

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