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‘Surging’ Nikki Haley slams Donald Trump: ‘He’s losing it’


Nikki Haley‘s campaign for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is gaining significant traction. There’s a noticeable uptick in media attention, growing interest from major donors, and a rising buzz about her potential to challenge Donald Trump effectively.
Describing her campaign as “scrappy,” Indian-American Haleyhas successfully garnered the backing of the Koch network, the nation’s most extensive conservative grassroots organization.As the week concludes, a substantial number of activists supported by the Koch network are anticipated to start mobilizing support for Haley, engaging with countless Republican primary voters right at their doorsteps.
Haley, the Republican presidential candidate and former governor of South Carolina, recently addressed a surge in attacks from her GOP rivals, attributing it to the growing momentum of her campaign. In an interview with Martha MacCallum on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” Haley discussed the increased scrutiny from her competitors, including Florida governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.
Haley responded to Trump’s labeling of her as a “bird brain” and his criticism of her as a globalist, saying, “Look, all these guys know that we’re surging in the polls so they’re all starting to hit.” She dismissed Trump’s nickname for her as ineffective and highlighted her strong stance against China during her tenure as the United Nations ambassador, asserting she was tougher on China than Trump, particularly in areas he did not address.
“The nickname, he’s losing it, it’s not even a funny nickname,” Haley told Fox News.
Regarding DeSantis’ comments about her record as governor, Haley suggested that his criticisms stemmed from his declining position in the polls. She defended her record, citing her success in reducing unemployment and attracting businesses to South Carolina, earning the state the nickname “Beast of the Southeast.”
Haley’s campaign has also launched a $10 million ad campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, showcasing over 70 new endorsements in Iowa. As the GOP nominating calendar approaches, with Iowa’s caucuses set for January 15, Haley continues to position herself as a strong contender in the 2024 presidential race.
To have a chance, Haley needs the field to shrink so that ultimately, it becomes a two-person race between her and Trump, which would allow her to try to knit together the anti-Trump factions within the party, while also perhaps stealing some of Trump’s voters.
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