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Stay away from Sean O’Malley’s house or ‘you could be shot’


Fans: don’t try to visit Sean O’Malley at his house.

That’s the very clear message “Suga” is sending in the latest episode of his TimboSugarShow on YouTube. The UFC bantamweight champion has had enough of it, and he’s feeling extra paranoid after his last opponent Marlon Vera was robbed.

“People keep finding my f—ing house, it’s f—ing annoying,” O’Malley said. “I wanna put a sign way out there on the road that says if you pass this line, you could be shot. It’s fans, they like me. But that doesn’t mean you can f—ing come to my house. Don’t come to my house.”

“Even if you like me, even if you want to give me a gift, don’t come to my f—ing house.”

There’s been a recent uptick in fighters having their houses robbed while away for a fight. Ciryl Gane and Marlon Vera both shared their stories of it happening, and we doubt there’s more we don’t know about. It all has O’Malley on edge.

“I had security come put crazy security cameras in, motion lights, it was f—ing expensive,” he said. “I was walking around my property a couple nights ago, because I seen this car outside. Walking around with my pistol, loaded. When my family is at my house, it’s not a game.”

“Chito’s house got broken into,” he added. “I don’t know if somebody’s trying to steal my shit. They think oh he’s rich, he’s got money, he’s got shit. I’m ready to kill. I’m walking around with my AR, I’m walking around with my pistol.”

So don’t expect a warm welcome if you wander onto the “Suga” compound.

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