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Shakur Stevenson Reverses Decision: Announces June Return


By Jay McIntyre – 02/12/2024 – Comments

WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson took to social media today to annoucement that he’s ending his retirement and will be fighting in June.

Shakur’s one-month retirement from boxing was seen in the same light as Teofimo Lopez’s brief vacation. Fans are speculating whether Top Rank promoter Bob Arum has lined up a big name for Stevenson to fight in June, as this is supposed to be the final fight of his contract with them.

Shakur surprised fans by calling it quits shortly after learning about Emanuel Navarrete moving up to 135 and choosing to fight Denys Berinchyk for the vacant WBO title.

Stevenson took the news hard, as he was hoping that the popular Mexican fighter would challenge him for his recently won WBC lightweight title. It’s likely that Navarrete was turned off after watching Shakur’s performance against Edwin De Los Santos last November.

A Change of Heart

“I’ll fight any and everybody, this is what I do. See y’all in June💪🏾 #ChasingGreatness,” said Shakur Stevenson on X, revealing he’s coming out of his short retirement to fight against a yet-to-be-determined opponent in June.

“I know right couldn’t keep myself away from it Love this s*** too much lol. I know right I’m wit u but that’s out of my control tho.. I can only handle what’s in my control, so see u in June!”

It would be great for the fans if Shakur showed some bravery and agreed to defend against one of these contenders:

  • Raymond Muratalla
  • Edwin De Los Santos
  • Andy Cruz
  • Abdullah Mason

Who Will Stevenson Face?

It won’t work if Shakur comes back to face a soft touch after the terrible performance he turned in against Edwin De Los Santos last November in their headliner.

After the way Shakur fought, Top Rank should be letting him walk after the final fight of his contract if he doesn’t look like pure 24K gold in his next match.

If Stevenson wants to stop being avoided, he’s got to stop running and stay in the center of the ring and fight. 19-year-old Abdullah Mason showed Shakur how it’s done last Thursday night when he stole the show from the headline attraction and destroyed his opponent Benjamin Gurment in two rounds.

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