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Shakur Stevenson: “Big Fight” Or Nothing, Says Keyshawn Davis, But Is It Realistic?


Shakur Stevenson: “Big Fight” Or Nothing, Says Keyshawn Davis, But Is It Realistic?

Keyshawn Davis says WBC lightweight champion Shakur Stevenson will only come out of retirement for a big fight. He’s been trying to get fights against the champions, but they won’t face him.

The 26-year-old Stevenson will stay retired until he gets a big fight, which means he could stay out of the ring for many years unless promoter Bob Aurm or the Saudis throw a bunch of money at a top fighter to get them to face him.

Davis states Shakur (21-0, 10 KOs) has made millions and has investments, so he doesn’t need to fight. He only wants to return from retirement for the top guys, like Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia, and Devin Haney.

Keyshawn notes that Shakur has been calling out the top guys for years and hasn’t gotten one significant fight yet. So, he expects him to stay retired for a long time.

Financial Security Drives Selectivity

“There’s politics in the game, but I can say this. Shakur has been calling out all the champions, and people have been denying him,” said Keyshawn Davis to Fight Hub TV about Shakur Stevenson. “So, after a while, you get sick of it. Shakur has made millions in the sport already with smart investments that are going to keep him afloat.

“So at this point, he’s like, ‘F*** boxing. I retire.’ He’s a three-division champion. Name somebody at his age who’s a three-division champion, but champions don’t want to fight him. It’s definitely a stressful situation. I understand his retirement,” said Keyshawn.

If Shakur stays retired for too long, it’ll be self-defeating because instead of eventually getting one of the big names to fight him, he’ll be ignored. He’s NOT popular now, so the longer Shakur stays out of the ring, the less likely he’ll get a big fight.

Top Names Only

“He’s only going to come back for big fights. He’s not going to fight nobody less than a big fight,” Keyshawn said about Shakur. That’s why he was Tweeting back with Ryan [Garcia]. He would love to fight Gervonta Davis, Devin Haney, and maybe even Teofimo. I don’t know.

“He’s only going to come back for a big fight, but this man has been calling out big fights for years. He hasn’t gotten one yet. So, expect him to be gone for some time,” said Keyshawn about Shakur.

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