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‘Saw X’ Sneak Peek Teases What to Expect as Tickets Go on Sale

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“This, in our mind, is really Saw II.”

The Big Picture

  • Saw X aims to capture the gritty feel of the early movies in the franchise, with the director and cinematographer working hard to recapture the “scuzzy and gritty” aesthetic.
  • The traps are a signature part of the Saw franchise, and Saw X promises to deliver on this front with a great team of designers who have already teased some of the new traps in the trailer and a recent clip.
  • Saw X focuses more on John Kramer as a person, delving into his humanity and personal ordeal, while still hitting on everything fans love about the character. The movie was made as a thank you to the fans who have supported the franchise. Tickets are now available for the September 29 premiere.

We have officially entered the single digit countdown of Jigsaw’s triumphant and gory return as Saw X is just nine days away from release. The 10th installment in the horror franchise brings back Tobin Bell as John Kramer, who is on a desperate search for a miracle cure for his cancer. Today, tickets officially went on sale for the feature, and to celebrate the occasion, Fandango and Lionsgate shared a new featurette teasing a little more of what to expect.

Director Kevin Greutert kicks things off by reiterating that one of the main goals with Saw X was to ensure it felt like the early Saw movies, especially as this latest addition to the series is set between the first two movies. Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules went a step further, revealing that Saw X is set mere weeks following the events of Saw. So, aesthetically it needed to match with its early predecessors. Thankfully, cinematographer Nick Matthews was up for the challenge, detailing some of the ways he recaptured the “scuzzy and gritty” feel.

Creating a new Saw movie that echoes the early years of the franchise was only part of the challenge. It also needed to bring its A-game when it came to the signature part of the franchise: the traps. Production designer Anthony Stabley said that he needed to assemble a great team, and this one delivered. So far, viewers have already had a taste at what Saw X will offer trap wise, thanks to the trailer and a recent clip teasing the beginning stages of the new eye vacuum trap.

A man strapped into the eye vacuum trap in 'Saw X.'
Image via Lionsgate

‘Saw X’ Is All About John Kramer

As Saw fans know, John Kramer is an integral part of the series — whether he’s orchestrating contraptions himself or if others are carrying on his legacy. However, Saw X will be different from the previous films in that it places a much heavier emphasis on Kramer as a person, not just the mastermind behind Jigsaw. Bell says he wants to bring out Kramer’s humanity, something already apparent due to Kramer undergoing such a personal ordeal. Greutert adds that Saw X will continue to hit on everything viewers already love about Kramer. Moreover, cast member Synnøve Macody Lund was struck by the relationship between Kramer and Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith). Burg and Koules wrap up by sharing that Saw X was made for the fans as a way to say thank you for standing by the franchise throughout the years.

Saw X premieres September 29 exclusively in theaters. Tickets are now available. Watch the new featurette below:

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