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‘Saw X’ Sneak Peek Previews Jigsaw’s Newest Trap

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The Big Picture

  • Saw X is the 10th installment of the horror franchise, bringing the focus back to series’ core character, John Kramer, as he seeks treatment and exacts justice.
  • The newly released clip showcases a new trap in which a victim is strapped into a chair with a mask covering his eyes and long tubes, putting both his eyes and fingers at risk.
  • Saw and Saw II are returning to select theaters for a limited time, giving audiences a chance to catch up on the franchise before Saw X releases on September 29.

The eyes have it. In just two weeks, Saw X hits theaters, the 10th installment of the horror franchise. The upcoming addition brings the focus back to series’ core character, John Kramer, as he seeks out treatment and exacts some twisted justice along the way. As the countdown continues, Lionsgate is giving audiences another taste of what’s to come in a newly released clip.

The clip offers another look at a new trap heading to the franchise. While nothing too stomach churning occurs in the clip, it’s certain to make your eyes and hands tingle. The clip shows one of Jigsaw’s latest victims strapped into a chair with a mask connected to long tubes covering his eyes — the very same one featured on the first poster for the movie. However, it’s not just his eyes at risk. It’s his fingers, too. When Jigsaw’s tape recording plays, viewers learn the man is a custodian for the hospital, likely the one that scammed Kramer and others. As the clip continues, it shows the general mechanics of the trap, but the jury’s still out on whether this victim will make it out relatively intact.

Saw X jumps back in time, set between Saw and Saw II. John Kramer (Tobin Bell) lives again, but the clock is rapidly ticking as he attempts to battle terminal cancer. Refusing to give in and desperate for a miracle cure, Kramer heads across the border to Mexico, where one hospital has an experimental procedure that may yet be exactly what Kramer seeks. However, Kramer soon realizes that the procedure is a scam designed to take advantage of the most vulnerable. So, he jumps back into action once more, unleashing his Jigsaw persona — and with the help of his apprentice Amanda Young (Shawnee Smith).

Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young in 'Saw X'
Image via Lionsgate

Revisit Jigsaw’s Early Years Before ‘Saw X’

If you missed the first two Saw movies, or just want to relive the gruesome chaos, Alamo Drafthouse is giving audiences the chance to catch Saw and Saw II on the big screen again. Beginning tomorrow, September 16, both features will return to select theaters across the country. The screenings are part of this year’s Fantastic Fest and will be in theaters for an extremely limited time. The double feature is the perfect way to kick-off those Saw marathons heading into Saw X, as well as get a little refresher on where the movies left Kramer and Amanda in the franchise timeline.

Saw X releases September 29 in theaters. Watch the new clip below:

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