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‘Saw X’ Image — John Kramer Is as Menacing as Ever

by smbpapon22P

Are you ready to play a game? For years the Saw franchise has been a staple of the Halloween box office, scaring audiences with its shocking, torture horror kills. And this year Saw is back, and so is the iconic Jigsaw killer John Kramer in Saw X. And ahead of the film’s release, Total Film has just released a new image from the movie, giving us a peak at the iconic Jigsaw.

Watch Jigsaw Spiral

Saw X is a new direction for the film franchise, bringing John Kramer, played by Tobin Bell, down to Mexico for a series of experimental cancer treatments. However, he soon finds that the treatment was all a scam targeting people at the most vulnerable point in their lives. So he sets out to exact his revenge on the corrupt scheme, bringing it down with a set of torture devices extreme even for the Saw franchise.

The new image gives us a new look at Kramer in a dark room, in what looks very similar to one of his torture chambers. A woman who looks to be his assistant in previous films, Amanda Young, stands behind him. The new film is the latest in the franchise following the 2021 film Spiral, which followed a detective in pursuit of a Jigsaw copycat killer.

saw x tobin bell
Image via Total Film

And though John Kramer officially died in Saw III, that hasn’t stopped him from appearing in some way throughout the seven following films. Tobin Bell, who originated the role has become a horror icon in his own right, and his mysterious and esoteric rendition of a serial killer has proven to be the most enduring in recent years, standing parallel to such slasher icons as Friday the Thirteenth‘s Jason and Scream’s Ghostface.

Saw X is set to hit theaters on September 29, giving you ample time to catch it before Halloween. And until then, you can check out the new, and very Jigsaw version of Nicole Kidman’s famous AMC ad.

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