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‘Saw X’ Image Introduces a New Victim for Jigsaw

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The Tobin Bell-led movie arrives on September 29.

The Big Picture

  • Saw X will bring back the iconic character Jigsaw and feature new, clever torture traps to escalate the violence.
  • The upcoming film takes a more realistic and character-driven approach, giving audiences a glimpse into Jigsaw’s point of view.
  • With a fresh minimalistic style and familiar characters returning, fans can expect a new and emotional journey in Saw X.

We’re about a month away from Saw X, which will see the return of John Kramer with new puzzles and evil torture traps and more hell for his victims tio go through. The franchise has always managed to find new clever torture traps to escalate the violence, and the film is set to bring back Tobin Bell’s Kramer, aka Jigsaw, the self-appointed keeper of moral standards.

A new image revealed by Empire Magazine gives us a glimpse of the fate of Jigsaw’s victims in the upcoming feature as we see Paulette Hernandez crying, soaked in blood, and with ropes around her neck. As director Greutert explains in an accompanying interview, “This one has pulled back to a somewhat more realistic level.”

What to Expect from Saw X

The feature is set somewhere between the events of Saw and Saw II and will see Karmer travel to Mexico in hopes of a miracle cure for his cancer. Greutert is excited to take the franchise back to its grounded roots and character-driven story: “The more that the audience can get the sense that a smart engineer – which he is – could figure out what to do with these parts and make it work, the better.” So fans can expect to see things from Jigsaw’s point of view and get a sense of why he makes his terrifying decisions. The director explains that Saw X is an “emotional journey that you go on with John Kramer and less a slaughterhouse that you experience from the point of view of the victims.”

saw x
Image via Empire Magazine

Greutert’s vision is visible in the fresh minimalistic style of the franchise that breaks away from its usual slasher movie tropes. With Bell returning to the character, fans can expect to see a new side of the familiar character in this character-driven story. The movie also casts Shawnee Smith as Amanda Young, Synnøve Macody Lund as Dr. Cecilia Pederson, Steven Brand, Michael Beach, Renata Vaca as Gabriela, Joshua Okamoto, and Octavio Hinojosa as Mateo.

Saw X premieres in theatres on September 29.

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