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Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih’s power grid considered one of largest this year


The Russian attack on Kryvyi Rih’s energy infrastructure on Saturday (3 February) was one of the heaviest of the year.

Source: a report from Ukrenergo, Ukraine’s national energy company

Details: Experts noted that the attack on Saturday became the third in a week.

Russian drones attacked high-voltage power facilities on the night of 2-3 February.

The report added that the repair work was challenging as the attacks reduced the reliability of the power supply to the damaged power unit, meaning that repair crews had to restore power to consumers in the region twice during the day.

The repairs to both the core and distribution grids are still ongoing, but the power supply has been resumed.

Quote: “Power engineers managed to significantly mitigate the aftermath of drone attacks, even in a particular power hub, by preparing for all possible scenarios in the summer.

In fact, these were the first blackouts after aerial attacks since the beginning of the heating season, which we have completed by two-thirds.”

Background: On the night of 2-3 February, a drone strike in Kryvyi Rih cut off two boiler houses and 7,500 customers from power supply.

The city’s power engineers introduced emergency shutdown schedules based on the algorithm used last year during blackouts.

Later in the evening, due to grid overload, some districts of Kryvyi Rih and the surrounding 5 hromadas lost power [a hromada is an administrative unit designating a village, several villages, or a town, and their adjacent territories – ed.].

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