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Russia unleashes mega blitz on Ukraine with 90 missiles & 60 drones targeting power stations, houses & blowing up a bus


VLADIMIR Putin unleashed a night of terror on Ukraine using 90 missiles and 60 drones in the biggest blitz of recent times.

Dramatic footage shows fires engulfing the Dnipro Hydroelectric Power Plant after the Russian tyrant, 71, cruelly vowed to target civilian infrastructure. 

The missiles slammed into the Dnipro power plant and dam overnight


The missiles slammed into the Dnipro power plant and dam overnightCredit: East2West
Fires are still raging at the site after Putin's mega blitz


Fires are still raging at the site after Putin’s mega blitzCredit: East2West

Ukraine’s largest hydroelectric power station was ablaze and a trolley bus was hit reportedly causing casualties. 

The dam – part of the hydro facility – managed to survive the attack but terrifying pictures show it engulfed in flames with serious damage to its structure as day broke.

“The fire at the station continues,” said the Ukrhydroenergo power company.

“ Emergency services and energy workers are working on the spot, overcoming the consequences of numerous airstrikes. There is no threat of a breakthrough [of the dam]. 

“The situation at the station dam is under control.”

Petro Andryushenko, adviser to the exiled Ukrainian mayor of Mariupol, slammed the attacks as “real terrorism”.

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant was cut off from electricity due to the bombardment, Ukraine’s energy minister Herman Halushchenko said.

Separately, Kharkiv was hit by power and water outages in some of the strongest bombardments of the war from Putin’s strategic aerial bombers. 

The Kharkiv Transport Engineering Plant which produces and repairs tanks was hit among at least 15 other explosions in the city.

It appeared to be the biggest strike of the war against energy facilities in Ukraine with the internet down and domestic and industrial electricity supplies hit. 

For the second day in  succession, NATO war planes in Poland were scrambled due to “the activity of Russian long-range aviation”.

Thirteen Tu-95MS aircraft – part of Putin’s nuclear armoury but using conventional missiles – struck at Ukraine.

Russia also attacked with kamikaze drones. 

In Kharkiv trains were halted.

In Kyiv, people took shelter in underground stations. 

Explosions were recorded in Kanatovo, near Kirovograd, a reserve air base of the Ukrainian Air Force, as well as Kremenchuk, Burshtyn, Khmelnitsky Odesa, Zhytomyr, and Vinnytsia.

In Dnipro, electricity and  water supplies were hit, as was the Internet.

A large local hydroelectric power station was completely out of order in Ladyzhyn, Vinnytsia region.

“This is the largest attack on Ukraine’s energy sector in recent times,” said Herman Halushchenko.

Russian Telegram channel War Gonzo branded it “judgement night and morning” – and the brutal strikes followed closely after Putin’s victory in the Russian presidential election which he sees as a mandate for continuing his invasion of Ukraine.

Earlier this week he had vowed vengeance for what he saw as Ukrainian strikes on civilians in Russia’s  Belgorod region. 

He said: “We can respond in the same way. 

“[We can hit] civilian infrastructure and all other objects of this kind that the enemy attacks.”

In Zaporizhzhia, there were 12 missile strikes. 

Seven houses were destroyed, 35 were damaged. 

There are wounded, the number of casualties is being determined.

Russian war correspondent Roman Alekhin said of strikes on power facilities: “This is a warning for the future.”

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