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Russia plants guided bomb units in sea to disrupt grain corridor operations


The Russians have resorted to a variety of atrocities, such as laying guided bomb units (GBUs) into the waters, as Ukraine has regained control of the Black Sea and the grain corridor has resumed operation.

Source: article by Ukrainska Pravda entitled Water drones, Elon Musk and precision missiles: How Ukraine reclaimed the Black Sea

Details: The functioning of the grain corridor in spite of Russia’s position is not to the country’s liking. The Russians seek to continue their missile and drone strikes. Yurii Vaskov, Ukraine’s Deputy Infrastructure Minister, noted that nearly 180 port infrastructure facilities were entirely or partially destroyed as of the end of 2023.

Quote: “The Russians would not be Russians if they did not come up with some new ways to disrupt the smooth operation of the Ukrainian corridor. The latest mischief by the Russian military is remotely laying guided bomb units at sea.

Russian Armed Forces bombers drop GBUs with special sensors from a safe distance onto the shallowest parts of the sea route, which explode when a vessel passes over them. This is how a Ukrainian air defence missile shot down a Russian Su-24M on 5 December near Zmiinyi (Snake) Island.”

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