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Russia may outlast Ukraine’s defenses without increased Western military aid, Estonian intel warns


Russia has the capacity to produce sufficient military equipment and mobilize enough soldiers to offset the losses it incurs in the conflict with Ukraine, according to Ants Kiviselg, the head of Estonian intelligence, the local news agency ERR reported on Feb. 13.

“If we talk about numbers, they will be able to fire 10,000 shells for 365 days, and in this regard, they can replenish their stockpile,” Kiviselg said.

“Moreover, last year’s recruitment indicates that they were able to enlist about 300,000 people or slightly less. This further indicates that they recruited more than they lost during the war in Ukraine.”

A similar situation is observed with the military equipment of the Russian army, according to the official.

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“In a few years, the Russian Federation is unlikely to find itself in a situation where it loses much more than it can replace,” Kiviselg said.

If Kyiv does not receive significantly more Western assistance, there is a serious threat that Russia will be able to wear down Ukraine, the Estonian spy chief stated.

The Estonian Ministry of Defense stated in December 2023 that Ukraine could defeat Russia in three years or less.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary, in particular, for NATO and the EU to adjust and increase their materiel production, as well as to accelerate their investments in Ukraine’s defense industry.

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