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Russia includes ‘LGBT movement’ in list of extremist and terrorist organisation


NEW DELHI: Russia has included the “LGBT movement” in a list of extremist and terrorist organisations, as reported by state media.
This decision aligns with a previous ruling by Russia’s Supreme Court, labeling LGBT activists as extremists.
Concerns have been raised by representatives of the gay and transgender community, fearing potential arrests and legal actions.The list, managed by Rosfinmonitoring, includes over 14,000 individuals and organisations deemed extremists or terrorists, ranging entities from Al Qaeda to the US social media firm Meta, and also encompasses allies of the late Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny.
The recent addition specifically mentions the “international LGBT social movement and its structural units,” according to state news agency RIA. Over the past decade, Russia, under President Vladimir Putin‘s leadership, has imposed stricter regulations on expressions of sexual orientation and gender identity, reflecting a shift towards what is portrayed as traditional family values and a rejection of perceived Western decadence.
Laws prohibiting the advocacy of “non-traditional” sexual relations and forbidding legal or medical gender modifications are among the measures implemented.
(With inputs from agencies)

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