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Russia arrests three suspected of planning terrorist attack in southern region


NEW DELHI: Russian authorities announced on Friday the arrest of three individuals suspected of planning an attack in the southern part of the country.
The FSB security agency disclosed that it had thwarted the terrorist activities of three individuals hailing from a Central Asian nation. These suspects were allegedly intending to carry out a terrorist act by detonating a device in a public area within the Stavropol region, according to an AFP report.
Russian television footage depicted multiple individuals being apprehended and subdued by FSB operatives.RIA Novosti also reported the discovery of materials for constructing an improvised explosive device (IED) and chemical substances at the residence of one of the suspects. Located in the North Caucasus region of southern Russia, the Stavropol region shares borders with Dagestan and Chechnya.
This comes in the aftermath of the attack at the Crocus City concert hall in Moscow, where it was confirmed by the Kremlin that “radical Islamists” were responsible. Subsequently, 12 individuals, including four alleged attackers from Tajikistan, were taken into custody. However, President Vladimir Putin has alleged Ukrainian and Western involvement in the incident, citing evidence that Ukrainian nationalists funded the perpetrators through cryptocurrency transactions originating from Ukraine.
Both Kyiv and its Western allies have dismissed these allegations as baseless. The United States had previously issued a warning regarding the potential threat of extremist attacks at mass gatherings in Russia, including concerts. Despite criticism over the security services’ failure to prevent the Moscow attack, the Kremlin has expressed unwavering confidence in their capabilities.
Meanwhile, a Russian court has ordered the pre-trial detention of another suspect linked to the concert hall attack. While nine out of the 12 arrested individuals have been remanded in pre-trial detention, there has been no update on the remaining three. The Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the assault, which has been recognized as its deadliest on European soil.

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