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Rosas Jr. Hopes Turcios Doesn’t Use Alleged Staph Infection as Excuse for Loss


Turcios apparently told Raul Rosas
Jr. that he had staph infection after their UFC
on ESPN 57 clash on Saturday.

Rosas Jr. settled his rivalry with Turcios with a second-round
submission win at the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The
19-year-old survived a rear naked choke attempt in the first round
and locked in one of his own in the next round to force the

Rosas Jr. later revealed the words he exchanged with Turcios in the
Octagon following the win. The rivalry between the two started with
their original booking at UFC Mexcio City this past February. Rosas
Jr. pulled out of the fight moments before walking out, as he
couldn’t recover from a bout of sickness despite his best efforts.
Turcios was unhappy with Rosas Jr. for pulling out and slammed his
opponent for disrespecting the “Bushido code.”

Rosas Jr. and Turcios once again brought up the subject after their
UFC Louisville clash on Saturday. That eventually led to Turcios
telling Rosas Jr. that he had staph infection leading up to this
fight. Rosas Jr. believes it was dumb of Turcios to have showed up
if he really had staph infection and hopes that the 31-year-old
won’t use it as an excuse for the loss. “El Nino Problema” further
noted that he didn’t fight at UFC Mexico City to avoid this type of

“I was like, ‘You disrespected me first, yo… You disrespected by
over here saying that I pulled out, this or that.’ And he was like,
‘No you disrespected me first by breaking the Bushido code or
whatever,’” Rosas Jr. said during a post-fight media scrum. “And then I was like,
‘Bro that’s something I couldn’t control you know, I was sick.’

“He told me he was sick as well. He told me he had staph this week,
his knee, whatever whatever. But hopefully he doesn’t use that as
an excuse. That’s the reason why I didn’t step out in Mexico City.
If I would have stepped out in Mexico City, I wasn’t gonna bring up
that I was sick. If I had lost in Mexico City, I was gonna leave it
at that. So you know if he was really sick and had staph and went
out there I think it was just a dumb decision.”

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