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‘Quiz Lady’ Trailer Sees Sandra Oh and Awkwafina in Over Their Heads

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The Big Picture

  • Hulu is set to release the new comedy Quiz Lady, a hilarious and unpredictable film about two sisters who embark on a road trip to earn money and save their mother from gambling debts.
  • The trailer showcases the sisters’ desperate situation and reveals that their only option is to enter quiz game shows, highlighting the challenges they face along the way.
  • Quiz Lady will feature Sandra Oh and Awkwafina as the leads, with Will Ferrell as the charismatic game show host and Jason Schwartzman in an undisclosed role, making it Jessica Yu’s biggest movie yet.

Hulu is gearing up for the release of their brand-new comedy, Quiz Lady, an unpredictable journey about a couple of women trying to do what’s best for their family through unconventional methods. A mother has submerged herself too deep in gambling debts, and it will be up to her daughters to get her out of the problem she has. However, the urgency they have for earning the cash will lead them to road trip where they have to follow different game shows in order to get the money. If being a part of such a program is hard when nothing of consequence is on the line, there’s no telling what’s going to happen to the protagonists of the film.

Jenny (Sandra Oh) and Anne (Awkwafina) might not be the closest of siblings, but they will be forced to work together because their mother is missing, and while it truly seemed like the end of the world for them, Jenny notices that her sister is actually really good at answering questions from television quiz games. The trailer does a good job of showing how that truly seems like the only option the pair has, and their journey begins. However, there’s a long way between the television studio and their living room, forcing them to stay at unpleasant hotels and almost crash their car in the highway.

The leading actors will be taking viewers with them through the new comedy, but the supporting cast has a couple of surprises of its own. Any decent game show needs a charismatic host capable of bringing out the contestants’ best performance. And in this case, Will Ferrell is the host seen on television, and the one who could eventually run into the chaotic sisters who are trying to save their mother. In addition to the Barbie actor, Jason Schwartzman will also be a part of the movie in a yet undisclosed role.

Quiz Lady Awkwafina Sandra Oh
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Jessica Yu’s Biggest Movie Yet

Jessica Yu was in charge of directing Quiz Lady, which will turn out to be the biggest movie the filmmaker has helmed at this point of her career. However, her experience has come from the major television productions she has been involved in over the course of the past decade. Titles such as American Horror Story and Citadel have released episodes under Yu’s direction, showing the amount of talent the filmmaker will bring to the table with Hulu’s new comedy.

You can check out the first trailer for Quiz Lady below, before the movie premieres on Hulu on November 3:

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