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Que by M Launches Radiant Jewellery for a Memorable Valentine’s Day


Bengaluru-based brand Que by M, a well-known online store for affordable millennial jewellery, is excited to launch Valentine’s Day jewellery collection. This collection embodies the spirit of love and serves as a thoughtful gifting option on this special day. Que by M’s new collection offers vibrant Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, intricate Chains, and Pendants in dazzling lab-grown diamonds decked in yellow, white, and rose gold. Each piece is attentively designed to narrate a modern love story. Visit www.quebym.com to shop for the ideal gifts that bring a smile to that special someone’s face on this eventful day.Here’s an Video link for an experience:www.youtube.com/shorts/-BSLu_nJSUg.Please contact us at :-91 6235505502.

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Every love story is unique, and we wanted our new collection to capture and express your story. The designs are inspired by friends, family, and love for oneself, and we want this feeling to resonate with our customers,” said Que by M’s CEO, Jyothi Jain, about the new collection. “Our Valentine’s Day collection is attractively priced to ensure every couple celebrates its love with our jewellery. We have also followed this pricing philosophy for our lab-grown diamond jewellery in tandem with our ‘You Deserve a Diamond’ campaign,” she added.

LUXURY REDEFINED – Exploring Q/M Jewellery

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the season of love with your loved one by not just saying ‘I love you,’ but showing it with attractive jewellery gifts from Que by M that speak to the heart. Our ‘You Deserve a Diamond’ campaign is an ode to the belief that every individual in their journey deserves a diamond that echoes their aspirations. It’s about celebrating the moments of triumph and adorning oneself with jewellery that becomes a lasting remembrance of these personal victories.

About Que by M

Que by Mis an online jewellery brand specialising in minimalist gold jewellery and lab-grown diamonds. Based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Que by M creates Global designs with an Indian touch. We emphasise quality, transparency, and a consumer-centric business approach. We are bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern appeal – in an affordable package. Our team comprises experts in jewellery innovation and artistry, quality control, precision manufacturing, market analysis, and commercial strategies.

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