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Quasar Markets Launches, Aims to Transform the World of Finance by Rethinking the Way Investors Interact with AI


steven orr portrait

Steven C. Orr, Founder and CEO of Quasar Markets

Founder Steven E. Orr expresses ‘profound excitement’ for the company’s decades-long journey

We aim to create a one-stop shop for financial information, simplifying the decision-making process for traders and financial professionals.”

— Steven E. Orr, Founder & CEO, Quasar Markets

TAMPA, FL, USA, February 2, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Quasar Markets, the pioneering fintech company at the forefront of AI-driven financial market research, is thrilled to announce its official launch today.

This marks the realization of decades of visionary thinking and seven months of dedicated execution. Founded by CEO and Wall Street veteran trader Steven E. Orr, Quasar Markets is set to revolutionize the world of finance by redefining the way investors and financial professionals interact with artificial intelligence (AI).

“It is with profound excitement that we launch the Quasar Markets platform today,” Orr said. “This is truly a great day, and I salute our investors and the hundreds of software coders who made this day happen. QuasarMarkets.com is now active and alive.”

Quasar Markets aims to redefine the financial landscape by offering a groundbreaking AI platform that harnesses an unprecedented “data lake” sourced from over 15,000 data providers. With its mission to be the “One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities” destination for financial information, Quasar Markets also provides Fintech companies with the option to implement it as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for their users.

While concluding its fundraising efforts, Quasar Markets unveiled its innovative AI platform at peripheral events last month during the 54th World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, where Orr was interviewed here.

“Today is the day we launch Quasar Markets to the world,” Orr said. “This venture has been incubating in my mind for decades, and after seven months of tireless work, we are finally here. We aim to create a one-stop shop for financial information, simplifying the decision-making process for traders and financial professionals.”

Quasar Markets, nurtured over two decades of thoughtful planning by Orr, seeks to enhance traders’ efficiency by providing high-quality, fine-tuned data from diverse sources. Orr envisions it as a lifestyle and financial platform, offering users an enhanced AI experience for their financial needs. “We’re launching a destination that gives the user a superior AI decision-making experience,” Orr further elaborated. “It’s a lifestyle platform and a financial platform, providing users with a more efficient AI experience for their financial requirements.”

Quasar Markets will offer a wide range of features, including stock quotes, research, news, sports, weather, video integration, and instant messaging. It is expected to attract large companies interested in implementing their white-label AI ecosystem featuring institutional-grade information.

Quasar Markets Chairman Rakesh Gupta, CEO of New York-based Kiwitech, a leading AI services company, noted, “AI is already revolutionary, but we’re taking it further by revolutionizing AI in fintech. Quasar Markets is uniquely positioned to assist customers in practically implementing AI, enabling them to transform data into actionable insights and overcome real-world challenges.”

Quasar Markets offers a free basic membership, with users having the option to subscribe to a premium ad-free experience for just $14.99 per month.

Key features of the Quasar Markets AI-driven platform include data integration, aggregating data from over 15,000 sources, including prestigious institutions such as EDGAR, FRED, the World Economic Forum, the World Bank, and the IMF; customizable watchlists, allowing users to create personalized watchlists for different stocks, enabling more effective investment monitoring; and comprehensive technical information, providing access to technical information and charts from diverse sources, empowering users to make informed decisions.

Quasar Markets integrates Web3 and blockchain technology. “Web3, powered by blockchain technology, is changing the world as we know it,” Orr said. “As it continues to reshape our lives, organizations across industries must embark on a Web3 journey to embrace new business models while upholding transparency, efficiency, and security.”

For additional information about Quasar Markets and to sign up for access, please visit https://quasarmarkets.com.

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