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Putin’s main opponent, Boris Nadezhdin, rejected in registration for Russian elections


Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s main opponent in the Presidential election, Boris Nadezhdin, was prevented from registering, Russian media outlet SOTA reported on Feb. 8.

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It was noted that Nadezhdin’s staff provided 105,000 signatures in support of him, but the commission recognized only 95000 of the required 100,000 signatures as valid. The Russian Central Election Commission (CEC) noted that 11 signatures of deceased people were found among the defective signatures.

“I’m in second place after Putin, I’m gaining double digits in polls, and you’re telling me about 11 dead people,” Nadezhdin said, promising to appeal to the Supreme Court.

His complaint should be considered within ten days, but, according to Russian outlet The Bell, his chances to prevail are almost nonexistent.

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The CEC also rejected makeup artist Rada Ruskih, who received 476 signatures, and blogger Anatoliy Batashev, who brought five boxes with signatures, four of which were empty.

As a result, only “self-nominated” candidate Putin and three other candidates from parliamentary parties who did not need to collect votes will be on the ballot: Vladislav Davankov from the New People party, Leonid Slutsky from the Liberal Democratic Party, and Nikolai Kharitonov from the Communist Party.

The Russian Presidential election will be held on March 17, 2024. Putin announced his participation in the election late last year.

Later, it became known that occupation authorities planned to hold “elections” in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine between Mar. 15-17.

What we know about Borys Nadezhdin

Boris Nadezhdin was a member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation of the third convocation (1999-2003). In March 2020, he signed an appeal to Russian citizens against the adoption of Constitutional amendments proposed by Putin.

On May 27, 2023, on the the propaganda channel NTV, he called for the election of new leadership in the country, “which will stop this drama with Ukraine.”

On Oct. 31, Nadezhdin announced that he was running for the 2024 Presidential election.

On Dec. 28, 2023, the CEC allowed Nadezhdin to collect signatures in his support and allowed him to open an election account. On Dec. 23, he was chosen as a candidate for the Presidential election by the Civic Initiative Party.

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