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Punjab Police Arrests Eight Lawrence Bishnoi Gang Members in Strategic Operation


Jalandhar, India – In an operation of the Punjab Police to combat organized crime, eight members of the notorious Lawrence Bishnoi gang were arrested, marking a major victory for law enforcement in the region. The arrests, led by Police Commissioner Swapn Sharma, were the culmination of a meticulously planned operation following a threatening call demanding 50 lakh rupees from the owner of the Karma Fashion Showroom on January 27.

The Lawrence Bishnoi gang, known for its extensive criminal network and involvement in various illicit activities across Punjab, had been under the radar of the Commissionerate Police, which acted decisively to prevent a potentially major crime planned by the gang. The operation led to the seizure of three pistols, 10 cartridges, and several vehicles, highlighting the gang’s preparedness for violent activities.

Further investigations revealed a sophisticated operation by the gang members, who had systematically gathered information on industrialists and businessmen to extort money. This operation not only showcases the Punjab Police’s commitment to dismantling organized crime networks but also sends a strong message to other criminal elements operating in the region.

The arrested individuals, identified as Sanjay Bawa, Deepak Kumar, Gajinder Rajpur alias Gajju, Radhe, Abhishek, Pappu, Manoj, and Deepak Kumar, were found in possession of significant weaponry, including a 30 bore pistol with 05 cartridges, a 32 bore pistol with 05 cartridges, a desi pistol 315 bore, 4 magazines, a Splendor motorcycle, and two scooters (Activa), near the Dhobi Ghat near TV Tower, Jalandhar.

This operation is a testament to the Punjab Police’s strategic and proactive approach in combating organized crime and ensuring the safety and security of its citizens. The arrests not only disrupt the operational capabilities of the Lawrence Bishnoi gang but also reinforce the police’s resolve to maintain law and order in Punjab.

The success of this operation is a clear indication of the Punjab Police’s effectiveness in intelligence gathering, strategic planning, and execution of law enforcement operations against organized crime. It also highlights the importance of community cooperation in providing information that aids in the apprehension of criminals and the prevention of crime in the region.

As the investigation continues, the Punjab Police remain vigilant and committed to their duty, ready to take on the challenges posed by criminal networks and work tirelessly to ensure the peace and security of Punjab.

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