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Promoter Plots Walsh’s Path To Homecoming Fight In Ireland


Callum Walsh appears to be Tom Loeffler’s next star. 

Walsh headlines a UFC Fight Pass card on March 15 against Dauren Yeleussinov (11-3-1, 10 KOs) which will be at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

This marks the third-year in a row that the 23-year-old Walsh (9-0, 7 KOs) has fought on St.Patrick’s Day weekend. 

Loeffler, the boss of 360 Promotions, explained that one of the plans for the stand-out junior middleweight is taking him back home.

“As far as him fighting in Ireland, the Irish definitely support their fighters,” said Loeffler. “You’ve got to love them as boxing fans. For his March 15th fight we are expecting a lot of Irish fans to come over for his fight for St. Paddy’s Weekend.

“Dana White really wants to bring him over there. He wants to bring him this year. That is a big undertaking. He has nine fights and he will be headlining [The Theater at Madison Square Garden] for the second time in a row in his 10th fight.”

Walsh is from Cork, Ireland, though now resides in Hollywood, California. Cork is three hours from Dublin. Loeffler explained the atmosphere he felt when he was present for the first fight between Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron.

“I went to the Katie Taylor fight in the 3Arena,” he recalled, clearly impressed by the atmosphere. “Cecilia Braekhus was supposed to fight on that show, unfortunately she got sick the day of the fight. She wasn’t able to compete, but I went to Katie’s fight.”

Loeffler also remembered that Taylor, an Irish boxing legend, was the cause of Callum Walsh’s first trip to New York City, a place Walsh might find many of his future big fights occurring at. Walsh accompanied Loeffler to support his fellow Irish fighter.

“I actually saw Katie fight in Madison Square Garden, that was the first-time Callum ever went to New York City when I took him to [Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano],” add Loeffler.

Though nothing is scheduled, it is planned. Walsh will fight in Ireland. When? That is up in the air for now.

“To answer your question,” Loeffler concluded, “the plan is definitely to bring him for a homecoming fight in Ireland.”

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