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Prince Harry marks US residency start on day of Frogmore Cottage exit


NEW DELHI: On June 29 last year, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle removed the last of their belongings from Frogmore Cottage, signaling the end of their residence in the UK. This day, as new business documents revealed, also marks the date Prince Harry formally declared his residency in the United States.
The transition comes in the wake of an order by King Charles, which left Harry “deeply wounded,” as he and Meghan were asked to vacate Frogmore Cottage—a property gifted by the late Queen Elizabeth.Royal experts suggest that Harry’s choice of this significant date to mark his formal move to the US was deliberate, reflecting his acknowledgment of a new life away from royal duties.
Frogmore Cottage had served as the couple’s UK base even after their move to California in 2020. The change was officially recorded in filings at Companies House for Harry’s eco travel venture, Travalyst, where his ‘New Country/State Usually Resident’ is now listed as the USA, a Daily Mail report said.
This relocation raises substantial questions about Prince Harry’s ability to serve as a Counsellor of State—an office requiring a UK domicile. Dr Craig Prescott, a constitutional law expert, describes the scenario as “uncharted waters,” given the legal framework was not designed to address a senior royal family member choosing to live abroad.
The implications extend beyond his royal duties, as Harry has also indicated considering US citizenship, which could necessitate renouncing his royal titles. “The thought has crossed my mind but not a high priority right now,” Harry stated in a February interview on Good Morning America.
The disclosure of Harry’s residency status has also sparked calls for the Biden administration to release his visa records, fueled by a statement from the American ambassador to London ensuring that Harry would not face deportation under the current administration.
The recent developments highlight ongoing family tensions and the changing dynamics within the British royal family, as they navigate the practical and legal complexities of Prince Harry’s new life in the United States.
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