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Polish government holds talks with farmers preparing for another major protest


The Polish Ministry of Agriculture has held talks with representatives of farmers’ associations, who are preparing another major protest for Friday, including against the extension of preferential EU trade with Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda with reference to RMF24

Details: Representatives of farmers at the meeting stressed that their biggest problems are the new EU green rules, which will increase production costs, and the impact on the market of imports of agricultural products from Ukraine.

The farmers said that some of them are facing problems with funds to buy everything they need ahead of the new sowing season. They also raised the issue of cattle-breeding support.

Their protest, called “protection of healthy Polish products”, is scheduled for 9 February across the country, including a border blockade.

Czesław Siekierski, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Poland, said he agreed with the need to support the industry and would discuss action options with the Finance Ministry.

Quote: “In addition to loans with low interest rates, there should be subsidies for grain and possibly fertilisers,” Siekierski said.

He also said that the EU needs to respond to the fact that European farmers’ products are becoming uncompetitive and that Polish farmers have suffered the most from imports of agricultural products from Ukraine.

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