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Polish Foreign Minister reiterates Ukraine’s borders after Duda’s doubts about Crimea


Radosław Sikorski, Polish Foreign Minister, has stressed, following President Duda’s controversial statement on Crimea, that Poland recognises Ukraine’s independence within its internationally established borders, which have been repeatedly confirmed by Russia.

Source: Sikorski on Twitter (X), as European Pravda reports

Quote: “Poland recognises the independence of Ukraine within its internationally recognised borders, which have been repeatedly confirmed by the Russian Federation: starting with the Treaty of 19 November 1990, the Budapest Memorandum of 5 December 1994 and the Border Treaty of 28 January 2003,” Sikorski said.


  • On Friday, Polish President Andrzej Duda said in an interview with Kanal Zero that he did not know whether Ukraine would regain Crimea. He stressed that he believes that Ukraine will regain Donetsk and Luhansk.

  • He added that Crimea is a “special place, including for historical reasons.” “Because, in fact, if we look historically, it has been in the hands of Russia for a long time.”

  • On Saturday, Vasyl Zvarych, Ukraine’s Ambassador to Poland, commented on President Duda’s words. “Crimea is Ukraine: it is and it will be so,” he said. He added that international law is the basis.

  • In August, during his speech at the Crimea Platform, Duda emphasised that the outcome of Russia’s war against Ukraine, including whether it can “retain” Crimea, would determine the preservation of the entire world order.

  • The Polish President stated that the entire territory of Ukraine, including Crimea, must be liberated.

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