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Poland’s President Duda clarifies his total support for Ukraine’s full sovereignty, including Crimea


Ukraine must fully regain its territorial integrity, including temporarily occupied Crimea, Polish President Andrzej Duda stated on PolishRadio on Feb. 5.

Duda misspoke about Ukraine’s prospects for liberating Crimea and is now clarifying his belief that Ukraine must reassert control over all its internationally recognized territories.

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In a clarification of his earlier remarks made during a Polish Radio interview, Duda stressed that his comments were part of a broader, more relaxed discussion and were not intended to downplay the seriousness of Ukraine’s situation.

“It was not a tense conversation with a politician,” Duda explained. “It was an interview that could be partly perceived as a calm, relaxed conversation on various topics, not necessarily very serious.”

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The resolution of Russia’s war against Ukraine hinges on the reestablishment of Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders.

“Ukraine is to return to its internationally recognized borders, to full control over territories that are internationally recognized territories of Ukraine, including Crimea,” said Duda.

The aggression initiated by Russia in 2014, with the occupation of Crimea, must cease with Russia vacating all seized Ukrainian territories.

“Russia must leave all captured Ukrainian territories, and this should be the end of this war,” Duda concluded, framing the conflict’s resolution within the context of international law and sovereignty.

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