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Poland scrambles aircraft due to massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine


The operational command of the Polish Armed Forces have announced that Polish and allied aircraft have been scrambled amid a massive Russian missile attack on Ukraine.

Source: European Pravda; Operational Command of the Polish Armed Forces on Twitter (X)

“We would like to inform you that there is intensive activity of long-range aircraft belonging to the Russian Federation related to the infliction of missile attacks on the territory of Ukraine,” the report says.

The tweet goes on to say that in this regard, all necessary procedures have been activated to ensure the security of Polish airspace, and Operational Command is constantly monitoring the situation.

“We are issuing a warning that Polish and allied aircraft are going to be more active, which may be combined with increased noise levels, especially in the country’s south-eastern region,” the command also said.

On the morning of 7 February, Russia launched a massive missile attack on Ukraine.


  • The General Staff of Poland said on 29 December that the country’s airspace had been violated by a Russian missile. The Polish military discovered that the missile flew 40 kilometres deep into Poland and returned to Ukraine three minutes later.

  • After that, the Russian Charge d’Affaires was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry to give explanations.

  • Poland scrambled its aircraft during the next large-scale attack.

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