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Poland reiterates support for 20-billion-euro Ukraine military aid fund


Poland supports a proposal for EU member states to create a fund to provide Ukraine with 20 billion euros ($21.5 billion) in military aid in the next four years, Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski told reporters in Brussels on Feb. 3.

EU foreign ministers are still discussing establishing a dedicated fund for Ukraine within the European Peace Facility, used to reimburse member states’ expenses on military aid to other countries.

The plan, suggested by the EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell in July last year, has met resistance from some member states wary of committing large sums years in advance. The EU is reportedly considering various ways to reform the fund to achieve unilateral approval.

“There was an agreement on the civilian side, 50 billion euros – very good news. But we still have to decide how to implement our military support, both bilaterally and through the European Peace Facility,” Borrell said ahead of an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers on Feb. 3.

After months of delay, all 27 leaders of EU member states agreed on Feb. 1 to allocate an additional 50 billion euros ($54 billion) in financial support package for Ukraine within the EU budget.

According to Borrell, the EU has provided Ukraine with 28 billion euros ($30.2 billion) in defense aid to help the country repel Russia’s full-scale invasion.

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