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Peter Sarsgaard & Billy Magnussen Hunt for Food in First ‘Coup!’ Sneak Peek

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The Big Picture

  • Brand-new clip from the satire film Coup! introduces the movie’s stars Peter Sarsgaard, Billy Magnussen, and Sarah Gadon.
  • The clip sows Magnussen’s character hunt for food, but is unable to complete the mission, allowing Sarsgaard’s devious cook to step in.
  • Coup! is set during 1918 Spanish Flu and will explore how pandemic-like emergencies tend to expose the flaws in the class system.

A brand-new clip for Coup!, a satire film starring Peter Sarsgaard has been released exclusively by Deadline. Coup! will screen at the 2023 Venice Days on September 9, which is the festival’s last day. The movie tells the story of a journalist and his wife in the early 1900s who hire a cook (Sarsgaard) who may not be who he seems to be. In addition to Sarsgaard, Coup! stars Billy Magnussen and Sarah Gadon.

In the new clip for the upcoming movie, Gadon’s character announces that the household is in need of food. When Sarsgaard’s cook says “No one is expecting you to hunt” to Magnussen’s character, the latter decides to do just that. While Magnussen’s character is searching for food, he happens upon a deer and has trouble pulling the trigger. Soon, Sarsgaard’s character appears and shoots the deer, doing his boss’s duty for him.

Coup! is written and directed by Austin Stark and Joseph Schuman. This film is Schuman’s feature directorial debut, while Stark has helmed the films The Runner and The God Committee. Coup! is set during the 1918 Spanish Flu, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, Schuman discussed the parallels between the Spanish Flu outbreak and the COVID-19 Pandemic. “These broad scale emergencies have a way of betraying the fault lines of the class system, which was deeply appealing to us to write about,” Schuman said. On the setting and time period of the film, Stark said, “It was a time where New Yorkers with means were just fleeing, whether it was to The Hamptons or upstate New York or to farms in Pennsylvania.”


‘Coup!’ Has an Impressive Cast List

Magnussen is known for starring in Into The Woods, Aladdin, Game Night, Ingrid Goes West, and No Time to Die. In addition to Coup!, Magnussen has a handful of upcoming roles in several new films, including Spy Kids: Armageddon, Lilo & Stich, Road House, and Lift. Sarsgaard is a seasoned actor known for Kinsey, An Education, Experimenter, Black Mass, and most recently, The Batman. Sarsgaard will next be seen in the upcoming romantic thriller Pet Shop Boys, as well as the films The Damning of a Country Merchant and Memory and the TV show Presumed Innocent.

Gadon on the other hand is known for her roles in Dracula Untold, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Belle, A Dangerous Method, and the third season of True Detective. Brian Levy, Warner Davis, Todd Friedman, Molly Conners, Amanda Bowers, Jane Sinisi, and Harris Gurny all serve as producers on the film. Magnussen and Sarsgaard act as executive producers alongside Fabien Westerhoff. International sales company Film Constellation is handling world sales.

Coup! does not currently have a theatrical release date, but you can check out the new clip at Deadline

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