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Peter Dobson on Conor Benn: “I Really Don’t Think He Has Any Skills”


When you’re born and raised in New York, trash talk is like an innate gift. Peter Dobson isn’t the most talkative fighter in the world but when you get him going, he’ll use every curse word imaginable. For his showdown against Conor Benn, he let the loquacious Brit take the lead.

Dobson sat back and laughed as the 27-year-old promised to rip his head off in the first round. Not only did fans find it entertaining but so did Dobson. With a chin seemingly made from steel, Dobson placed it right in front of his man once the opening bell rang.

Benn landed whenever he wanted all night long. Although the Las Vegas crowd screwed up their faces and flinched, Dobson never appeared to be in any real trouble. His toughness, however, didn’t lead to a win.

Whether it was Benn, his promoter Eddie Hearn, or one of his British friends, they all claimed that the power of Benn would be the difference. Dobson isn’t walking around like his jaw isn’t a bit sore. But, even with Benn landing his best shots, he doesn’t believe his power is as scary as many claim it is.

“He has power but it’s not devastating power,” explained Dobson in a self-recorded video. “He’s strong and he has power but I feel like he’s green.”

Losing for the first time in his career is gut-wrenching, unexpected, and a difficult pill to swallow. But, there’s no point in dwelling on the past. It’s all about moving forward and finding the positives in a bad night. But while he does plan on putting things behind him, he did make it clear that Benn, while he picked up the win, is nowhere near the elite level.

“He’s a good fighter but I really don’t think he has any skills.”

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