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Parker’s Musical Call-Out: A Misguided Bid For Whyte Rematch


Heavyweight Joseph Parker created a singing video with his pals, calling out the aging journeyman Dillian Whyte for a fight to get recent on him from a highly questionable, foul-plagued 12-round unanimous decision loss in London, England in 2018.

It’s no longer a fair fight for Parker, 31, to face the faded veteran Whyte because he’s so over-the-hill at this point that it’s wretched. The fight wouldn’t even be competitive because Whyte is so slow and chinny at this stage of his career, having aged badly in the last six years since his controversial win over Parker.

A Business-Savvy Move?

This would be a business-level fight for Parker to take advantage of Whyte’s name recognition in the UK, as he’s shot to bits and useless in helping his career. If the Saudis are willing to pay to stage a fight between Parker and Whyte in their country, it’s a no-brainer. Hey, if the Saudis want to pay for this train wreck, they might as well have it on. It would fit in the category of a ‘clown fight.’

It would be better for Parker to fight some of the younger, more relevant heavyweights, such as Jared Anderson, Frank Sanchez, or Daniel Dubois.

Parker’s Trend Against Aging Heavyweights

If this fight comes off, it would be the third consecutive match that Parker has fought against one of the aged heavyweights. In Parker’s past two fights, he’s beaten these two heavyweights:

– Zhilei Zhang: 40
– Deontay Wilder: 38

We know that Parker has recently been considering a rematch with 38-year-old Joe Joyce, who isn’t a spring chicken and has lost two out of his last three fights. Joyce knocked out Parker in the 11th round in 2022, and they should have already fought again.

Fighting the soon-to-be 36-year-old past his best Whyte (30-3, 23 KOs) would be a waste of time, as he’s completely washed up and arguably has lost three out of his last five fights. Whyte is a very old-looking 36, and he’s nowhere near the top 15 in terms of what he’s got left. We saw that in his fights against Christian Hammer, Alexander Povetkin, and Jermaine Franklin.

The 2018 Controversy: Unsettled Business?

It’s fair to say that Parker (35-3, 23 KOs) was given the business in that fight, losing what many saw as a hometown decision, similar to Jermaine Franklin’s questionable defeat against Whyte.

This writer felt Parker deserved the win over Whyte, who was shockingly given credit for a head-butt knockdown and got away with murder with his roughhouse tactics, which saw him land rabbit punches, hold and hit, shove, and head-butt.

The referee who worked that fight, Ian John-Lewis, was there hanging around, not checking Whyte for his roughhouse tactics, so they went on the entire fight.

It was a weird match tow match to watch because it didn’t resemble an actual fight in the regular sense. It seemed more like an MMA guy going up against a boxer and getting away with all kinds of stuff in front of a useless, non-engaged referee just taking up space that night, blocking the view of the fans by standing around in the ring. The scores were 113–112, 115–110, and 114–111

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