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Pablo Corzo promises to live up to his moniker against Gaspar Fernandez


Some nicks are harder to carry than others. You can’t call yourself “Sugar” without knowing that people will be expecting perfection from you, be it of the Robinson or the Leonard variety.

Pablo “Pacman” Corzo knows it. And he’s perfectly fine with that.

“Well, that nickname was taken from my idol, a legend in boxing,” said Corzo in a phone interview. “To me, he’s the best fighter in history, without a doubt. There are many similarities that people may find. Being compared to him at some point in my career would be something crazy, but everyone can expect that I will become world champion one day. I am sure about that, I prepare myself for that, and in that I believe I will be just like him.”

Corzo (18-0, 15 knockouts) will be trying to do his best impression of his hero Manny Pacquiao when he faces Gaspar Fernández (6-1, 6 KOs) with the traditional South American super middleweight title at stake at the even more traditional and legendary Luna Park Stadium in Buenos Aires tonight, co-headlining a card of young prospects along with fellow unbeaten promise Jose “Sansón” Sosa who will take on late-sub Edwin Bennett. The fight will be available worldwide on TyCSportsPlay.

At 23 years of age and with a considerable amount of experience already in his resume, Corzo can’t help but feel good about the place he’s in.

Pablo Corzo (left) and Gaspar Fernandez (right) Photo by Nelson Quispe/Boxeo de Primera

“I am feeling great, focused on what I want and what I am looking for at this mythical stadium. Honestly, it’s a great venue where many stars had their best days. I am very motivated by knowing that I am up to the task, to be a headliner in this great place.”

His youth in this rather heavy division loaded with hard-hitting talents will surely need a lot of planning before he is confident enough to take on older and more experienced foes.

Corzo agrees.

“I know I am very young but we’re doing a great job in my career with OR Promotions. I am doing my best, and in every fight I demonstrate my level and my improvement both physically and mentally. I am maturing as a true professional. I just want to take it step by step, overcoming obstacles but I never would reject a chance to fight abroad, be it for an elimination (Note: Corzo is ranked at No. 7 by the WBA at 168 and No. 2 by the WBO) or whatever else. If I get the offer with enough time to train I will definitely be ready to face the challenge.”

Whenever that comes, Corzo will be easy to find in the ring. He’s the guy with the multi-colored hairdo, a style that he is very proud to call his own.

“The main reason is to differentiate myself and to create my own brand, to get people to know me by the color of my hair,” said Corzo. “It’s just that. I believe people identify me with those colors, wherever I go in Argentina they know who I am because of those colors. It defines my personality and my character in the ring.”

As much as he’s recognized by his nick and his colors, Corzo feels he is on the cusp of being recognized for the sound of his fists crashing on his foe’s humanity as well. He just needs the opportunity, right after taking care of business in Buenos Aires’ most fabled sports venue.

“All I have in my mind is my fight on the 30th. I want to do a great job and win without leaving doubts. And then I want to take it slowly and step by step, getting more experience and more fights, and if I get the chance to fight abroad I will train hard to come back victorious to Argentina.”

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