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Over 900 Russian soldiers and 11 tanks downed in past 24-hours


Ukraine reported the elimination of 910 Russian troops and the destruction of 11 tanks over the past 24 hours, bringing Russia’s total military personnel losses to over 392,000 since the onset of its full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian General Staff reported on Feb. 8.

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The detailed tally from the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ General Staff as of Feb. 8 includes:

  • Personnel: about 392,380 (+910 over last 24) people

  • Tanks: 6383 (+11 over last 24) units

  • Combat armored vehicles: 11,899 (+20 over last 24) units

  • Artillery systems: 9411 (+24 over last 24) units

  • Multiple rocket launchers: 980 (+0) units

  • Anti-aircraft defense systems: 666 (+1 over last 24) units

  • Aircraft: 332 (+0) units

  • Helicopters: 325 (+1 over last 24) units

  • Tactical-level UAVs: 7191 (+14 over last 24)

  • Cruise missiles: 1,880 (+31) over last 24

  • Ships/boats: 24 (+0) units

  • Submarines: 1 (+0) units

  • Automotive equipment and tanker trucks: 12,513 (+27 over last 24) units

  • Special equipment: 1505 (+8 over last 24) units.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been effectively destroying Russian troops at roughly the same rate Russia manages to recruit new forces, The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported on Dec. 8, 2023.

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Russian forces had suffered over 54,000 casualties in their failed attempts to advance in Ukraine over two months, with the Kremlin losing about 400 soldiers for every square kilometer of territory seized, Ukrainian Defense Minister, Rustem Umerov, said on Jan. 23.

British intelligence assessments suggest that, given the extent of Russia’s losses, it could take the country between five to ten years to rebuild its highly trained and experienced military units.

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