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‘No One Will Save You’ Sneak Peek

by smbpapon22P

The Big Picture

  • No One Will Save You is an alien invasion thriller starring Kaitlyn Dever as a young woman facing a home intrusion by extraterrestrial beings.
  • The film combines the premise of a home invasion with an otherworldly threat, creating an eerie and tension-filled atmosphere.
  • Director Brian Duffield aimed to make the film a character study and highlight the protagonist’s survival instinct and bravery, rather than focus solely on the aliens.

Following the debut of the trailer for No One Will Save You, Collider is thrilled to bring you this exclusive sneak peek look at a chilling clip from 20th Century Studios’ alien invasion thriller starring Kaitlyn Dever as a young woman combating the threat of a home intrusion from an extraterrestrial threat. The film takes the premise of a home invasion and drops an otherworldly entity right on top of it, and the eerie tone of the film looks like it may well make the film required viewing and a cult classic for years to come, particularly with a rising star in the shape of Dever, an outstanding actor for whom massive things are inevitably set to follow.

The exclusive clip sees Dever’s Brynn Adams at home alone in solitude, when the lights start flickering and loud noises permeate the solitude Brynn has been enjoying, leading to extreme tension, paranoia, and fear as she faces up to the prospect that nothing can save her apart from her own survival instinct, prowess, and sheer bravery. Director Brian Duffield revealed that he wanted to make the film a simple character piece and drop a much larger dramatic threat on top of it.

“The End of the World Won’t Only Be For Those That Are Ready For It.”

kaitlyn dever no one will save you
Image via 20th Century Studios

“I wanted the movie to take the lead of a small intimate character study and drop an alien invasion on top of them,” says Duffield. “The end of the world won’t only be for those that are ready for it, and the idea of an alien movie rudely bursting the bubble our character has spent years building and cultivating felt like a unique way to tell a favorite story.” The director intended to create a character that was so compelling, that she would be the draw of the film, rather than the aliens. Unluckily for Brynn, though, they turn up in the first ten minutes.

“I think there’s a deeply buried feeling that every alien invasion movie could turn out to be true because they remain such an unknown in our daily lives. As our world careens more and more out of control, maybe there’s even a desire that there’s something out there smarter than us that can help put us on a more sane path. The aliens in ‘No One Will Save You’ are superior to humans in every way, which makes Brynn and her surprising resistance somewhat puzzling to them.”

No One Will Save You debuts only on Hulu on September 22, but a few lucky Collider readers will get to see the film in theaters as part of our screening series on September 19 in both NYC and Los Angeles. Head over here if you’d like to try for free tickets, and you can check out the exclusive clip of Dever in action below:

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