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Nicole Kidman’s AMC Suit Goes Up For Auction


The Big Picture

  • Sotheby’s is auctioning off Nicole Kidman’s iconic suit from her AMC commercial for $5,000 to $10,000. Own a piece of cinematic history!
  • The suit will be part of Sotheby’s “Visions of America” auction, showcasing treasured pieces that represent the country’s culture and luxury.
  • Kidman’s commercial holds a special place in American history and she will continue to be the face of AMC, with a second commercial in the works.

Just when you thought you were done dropping the holiday money and had all your presents unwrapped, Sotheby’s just had to announce their most exciting auction item to date – Nicole Kidman’s suit from her iconic AMC commercial. Yes! You read that right. You can now have your chance at owning a historical piece of cinematic history as the garment is being auctioned off for a mere $5,000 to $10,000. Display it on a mannequin inside a plastic case or – even better – wear the Michael Kors suit to your next AMC outing. Just think of the TikTok numbers!

As part of the company’s “Visions of America” auction, which bears the subhead “Art. Luxury. Culture.” aka all things Kidman’s AMC commercial represents, the gray pin-striped suit will be up for grabs alongside other treasured pieces that show off this wonderful country in the best way possible. What else is up for grabs? How about some fine paintings of American Maritime Subjects? Or maybe a painting titled “A Red Tiger Cat with Thirteen Toes” from the 19th century? Sure! The suit from America’s most beloved commercial absolutely fits in among the rest of the items.

For those who may be completely uncultured and, quite frankly, un-American, the glamorous suit in question holds a deep-seated place in our history as patriots. The Academy Award-winning actress behind such classic titles as The Others, The Hours, and Moulin Rouge! truly rose to prominence when she donned the Michael Kors outfit and walked out of the rain and into the safety of an AMC theater. Fully vibing her way down the futuristic hallways of the cinema, she finally arrives at her destination: a theater. As she finds her seat, she delivers such classic lines as “not just entertained, but somehow reborn together” and “somehow, heartbreak feels good in a place like this.” While she may be an Australian native, we salute Kidman’s dedication to our country.

What If I’m Poor?

Image via AMC

Not all of us can afford to toss cash at Sotheby’s just to be a part of cinematic and fashionista history. For this, we’d like to direct you to Loungefly’s collaboration with AMC – a pinstripe backpack that has all the fixings of Kidman’s suit, including the lapel. Unfortunately, these were run as a limited edition piece of merch back in December, so you’ll need to turn to sites like eBay if you want to get your hands on one of these babies.

The Future of Nicole Kidman and AMCAs it’s become a national treasure, with shows from Chucky to Saturday Night Live parodying the commercial, AMC knows they have a good thing going. And because of that, the company has decided to keep Kidman on as the face of the theater, with a second commercial expected sometime in the future.

For now, you can head to Sotheby’s “Visions of America” website, ask your boss for a raise, and watch the commercial below.

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