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Nicole Kidman Helps Jason Momoa Take Control in ‘Aquaman 2’

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The Big Picture

  • Nicole Kidman’s character, Atlanna, will play a crucial role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom as a motherly figure and advisor to Arthur, helping him navigate the politics of Atlantis.
  • Atlanna’s return in the first film allowed her relationship with Arthur to improve, and she will guide him through his journey in the sequel.
  • Arthur’s kingdom faces a powerful threat from Black Manta, who possesses an ancient dark weapon capable of causing death and destruction. Arthur must stop him to save his kingdom and loved ones.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will bring audiences back to Atlantis, where Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) will continue his journey as the King of Atlantis. The titular hero will try to stop a familiar threat while learning what it means to be a good king. But another major character from the first installment will be making a comeback, with Nicole Kidman reprising her role as Atlanna, Arthur’s mother. Collider’s Taylor Gates attended as special press preview of the trailer for the sequel, where director James Wann talked about Kidman’s role in the upcoming movie:

Nicole definitely plays more like the right hand to the king in this one. She comes in, and she’s a motherly figure, but she’s also an advisor in this as well. Like a royal advisor — just because there’s a bit more politics within the world of Atlantis. And again, Arthur is not really from that world, so he needs someone to kind of help guide him.

Atlanna will be able to guide her son through his journey in the sequel after the unusual circumstances that led to their reunion in the first film. Kidman’s character had been offered as a sacrifice to the Trench due to Arthur’s illegitimate birth, with everyone believing her to be dead. However, it was revealed that she actually survived, but she wasn’t able to find her way back home. When Arthur rescued her and took her back to Atlantis, life gave both characters the chance to improve their relationship as mother and son.

And Arthur will need every single piece of advice his mother can give to him, with a very powerful dark force threatening to destroy Atlantis in The Lost Kingdom. David Kane (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) will no longer be a pirate without experience fighting against Arthur and his friends. As the Black Manta, the character will come across and ancient dark weapon from Atlantis’ mythology, capable of bringing death and destruction when used by someone with evil intentions. If Aquaman fails to stop Black Manta in time, his kingdom, and everyone he cares about, could be lost forever.

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry in 'Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom'
Image via DC Studios

An Unlikely Ally

Arthur had to fight against his half-brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson), during the first movie, as the explosive character believed he was the rightful heir to the throne of Atlantis. But after a spectacular battle against his relative and the army that followed him, Arthur was able to defeat and imprison Orm. Since Wilson’s character believed Arthur to be responsible for the death of their mother, he hated him. But when Orm learned that Atlanna was actually alive, and that Arthur had been responsible for bringing her home, he realized that he could be his half-brother’s ally when needed.

You can check out the trailer for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom below, before the movie premieres in theaters on December 20:

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