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Nicolas Cage’s Serial Killer Movie ‘Longlegs’ Gets Four Cryptic New Posters


The Big Picture

  • Horror film Longlegs takes marketing in a sinister direction with chilling and cryptic posters that tease a terrifying experience.
  • The film is directed by Oz Perkins and stars horror veterans Nicolas Cage and Maika Monroe, making it highly anticipated by genre fans.
  • Longlegs does not have a release date yet, but it is expected to hit theaters in 2024.

The best part of horror is it’s a genre that lends itself very well to extremely creative marketing campaigns. Last year, films like M3GAN and Scream VI took that killer anticipation to new fun heights. However, in 2024, the upcoming serial killer thriller Longlegs starring horror vets Nicolas Cage and Maika Monroe is taking the marketing game in the completely opposite sinister direction. Now, the latest series of posters teases horror fans that Longlegs is going to be a chilling experience that will get under your skin, no matter how well versed in the genre you are.

Having been shared on Neon’s various social media pages on Tuesday, the four cryptic posters in question aren’t for the faint of heart. The first two images depict a young girl in front of an eerie snow-covered house (“The birthday girl. 8 years old. Police report: January 13, 1974. So lucky to celebrate”) and a pile of dead bodies in an undisclosed location under a bloody sheet (“The Horn family. Former family of 4. Mother got it worst. Father said she needed it most. No signs of forced entry. November 14, 1992”). The last two feature a dead nun whose head is smashed into the hood of a car (“Door to door there she goes. Where she stops nobody knows. Except for him. He knows”) and a woman cutting into her stomach (“Mrs Camera. Mother. Father. Priest. Axe. 1975. It was a good day. For a good girl. To be at school”). Like most of the teasers so far, there’s no sign of Cage or Monroe. The latter plays FBI agent Lee Harker on the hunt for Cage’s disturbing serial killer. These posters are likely the result of the killer’s “work”. With the occult involved and heavy religious imagery at play, Harker soon learns that she’s someone personally tangled in this blood trail. That only makes this deadly game of cat and mouse that much more dire.

Three Killer Horror Lineages United

What makes Longslegs so enticing for genre fans, besides the clever marketing, is the talent behind it. Director Oz Perkins, the son of horror legend Anthony Perkins (Psycho), has crafted his own terrifying legacy thanks to gems like The Black Coat’s Daughter and Gretel & Hansel. The filmmaker just has this unique oppressive atmosphere that makes each of his dark tales so suffocating to watch. Then the cast speaks for itself. Cage has been a beloved genre figure for decades thanks to Vampire’s Kiss and The Wicker Man remake, but over the last decade, films like Renfield, Mandy, Color Out of Space, and Willy’s Wonderland have cemented the popular actor as a genre icon.

When you add Monroe to this bloody race, the anticipation for Longlegs couldn’t be higher. Monroe burst onto the scene with the horror masterpiece It Follows and has since starred in amazing spooky films like The Guest, Villains, Watcher, and Significant Other. After Longlegs, she’ll return in 2025 with the unexpected sequel They Follow that was announced late last year. Monroe’s one of the most underrated young talents in Hollywood, which means her going up against Cage is worth the price of admission alone. However, if these posters are to be believed, Longlegs is everything but a genre stunt.

When Does ‘Longlegs’ Release?

There’s no release date for Longlegs yet, but it’ll be creeping its way to theaters sometime in 2024.

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