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Nia DaCosta in Talks for Second ‘28 Years Later Movie’


(Left) Director Nia DaCosta on the set of Marvel Studios' 'The Marvels.' Photo by Laura Radford. © 2023 Marvel (Right) Cillian Murphy in 2002's '28 Days Later.' Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

(Left) Director Nia DaCosta on the set of Marvel Studios’ ‘The Marvels.’ Photo by Laura Radford. © 2023 Marvel (Right) Cillian Murphy in 2002’s ’28 Days Later.’ Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures.


  • Nia DaCosta may direct the second ‘28 Years Later’ movie.
  • Director Danny Boyle and writer Andrew Garland are overseeing the extended horror franchise.
  • The movie continues the story started in ‘2002’s 28 Days Later’.

Back in January, we learned that Danny Boyle and Alex Garland had finally started putting concrete plans in place to craft another follow up to zombie movie ‘28 Days Later’, after years of speculation.

Things have moved on since that initial news –– Sony Pictures has agreed to finance and distribute what is now planned as a trilogy of films, and Nia DaCosta, who has made the likes of ‘Little Woods’, 2019’s ‘Candyman’ and last year’s ‘The Marvels’, is in talks to direct the second movie in the three-film series.

28 Years Later 2

What’s the story of the ‘28 Days Later’ films so far?

Cillian Murphy in 2002's '28 Days Later.'

Cillian Murphy in 2002’s ’28 Days Later.’ Photo: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Released in 2002, ’28 Days Later’ starred Cillian Murphy as a bicycle courier Jim, who wakes up from a coma to discover that London –– and the world –– has been overtaken by a virus that turns its victims into rage-filled monsters who savage their victims.

While the “Z” word is never used, the Infected, for all their fast speed are certainly a take on the zombie genre.

‘28 Days Later’ was followed directly by 2007’s ‘28 Weeks Later’, which was directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, with Boyle and Garland only involved as executive producers.

The plot for ‘28 Years Later’ being kept under wraps for now, the title points to picking up the story decades after the original and seeing what has happened to the UK since then.

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What’s the plan for the ‘28 Years Later’ trilogy?

Director Alex Garland on the set of 'Civil War.'

(Right) Director Alex Garland on the set of ‘Civil War.’ Photo: A24.

As of right now, the plan appears to be for Garland –– who, since the original, has gone on to quite the filmmaking career himself –– to write and produce all three movies.

Boyle, who is also a producer, is aboard to direct the first movie in the new trilogy.

According to Deadline’s new report, if DaCosta does indeed sign on, the strategy is for her to closely liaise with both Boyle and Garland so as to keep the storytelling consistent between all the movies, while also being given the freedom to put her own stamp on the look of the movie.

Murphy, who has yet to confirm whether he’ll appear in front of the camera, is certainly attached to be an executive producer on this one.

When will the first movie of the new ‘28 Years Later’ trilogy be in theaters?

With shooting taking aim at later this year, we don’t see this one releasing much before late 2025 at the earliest.

'The Marvels' director Nia DeCosta.

‘The Marvels’ director Nia DeCosta.

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