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New ‘Red Sonja’ Movie Will Have a “Darker” Tone, Says Producer

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The Big Picture

  • The reboot of Red Sonja will have a darker tone compared to the original, and the producers want to ensure that the CGI is done properly.
  • The story of Red Sonja begins with her receiving a powerful sword but can’t have an intimate relationship with a man who can defeat her.
  • The 1985 film adaptation starred Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the new version will feature Matilda Lutz as Red Sonja.

Almost forty years after Red Sonja made its debut on the big screen, and 50 years after her first appearance in print, a reboot will introduce a new generation to the magical fantasy world. And while the premise of the new project might be one that audiences already know, its tone will be different from what has come before. During a recent interview with Collider’s Perri Nemiroff for Expend4bles, Les Weldon, one of the producers behind the reboot, spoke about how the tone of the 2024 version of Red Sonja will be different from the feelings found in the fantasy comic books:

Well, Red Sonya is also a little bit of a, I don’t wanna say a darker take, but a little bit darker take than you would expect, certainly compared to the original Red Sonya. We want to be very careful with the CG to make sure it’s done properly and does the film a service rather than a disservice.

The story first depicted in the comic books is a tough one to process, as it all begins with a big number of men abusing the titular character. In the middle of her desperation, a mysterious spirit gives her a powerful sword to defend herself, but the weapon comes with very clear instructions. Red Sonja is allowed to use the sword in any way she’d like to, but she can’t establish an intimate relationship with any man who can defeat her in combat. By setting up the stage with a very specific rule that can’t be broken, Red Sonja is placed in a very complicated position, putting more pressure on the choices she makes.

The 1985 film adaptation featured Brigitte Nielsen in the main role, with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Lord Kalidor. The powerful warrior was eager to join Sonja’s quest when she was tasked with retrieving a powerful magical artifact that could only be used by women, but the protagonist of the story wanted to do things alone. They would get along better eventually, after facing the evil forces that threatened to end life as they knew it in a thrilling adventure full of violence, spells and bravery.

A New ‘Red Sonja’ Heads to the Big Screen

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When it’s time for another version of Red Sonja to premiere in theaters next year, it will be Matilda Lutz‘s turn to step into the shoes of the titular role. Though an adaptation, the film will follow a fresh, original story, and will also star Wallis Day, Robert Sheehan, Michael Bisping, Martyn Ford, Eliza Matengu and Veronica Ferres.

Red Sonja will arrive in theaters next year.

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