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Netherlands increases number of F-16s for Ukraine to 24


Dutch Defence Ministry is preparing six more F-16 fighters to be delivered to Ukraine. This brings the total number of aircraft that the Netherlands has promised to provide to Ukraine to 24.

Source: Kajsa Ollongren, Dutch Defence Minister, on Twitter (X) on Monday, European Pravda writes.

Details: “Air superiority is essential for countering Russian aggression,” Ollongren explained.

In a separate statement, the Dutch Ministry of Defence said that the country had stopped discussing the possible sale of 6 F-16 fighters with Draken International. Both parties have concluded that the sale and delivery of these F-16s will not take place in the short term.

On 22 December, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that the Netherlands had decided to commence preparations for delivering the first 18 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine.

The Netherlands also announced that it would send 18 F-16s to Romania to train Ukrainian pilots.

The Netherlands has 42 F-16 aircraft in service but no longer needs them as the country is switching to the much more modern F-35s.

In an interview with European Pravda, Kajsa Ollongren called 2024 the realistic date for the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine.

She noted that the country would transfer almost all of its F-16s to Ukraine, except for those that would be used to train Ukrainian pilots.

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